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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ulsers Cafe

New York, NY
June 21st, 19460
2:30 hours

Gentleman now that you've each met other here is the official poop. Until we know who the spies are in the Abomb program, Army, Navy etc. were going to be the clearing house for the coordination of all military operations. Just us peons, the President and the JCS will know the whole picture and will have access to all the planned operations of the JCS.

Some how we got lucky on Operation Louisville Slugger so we know we can trust the bunch who planned that. Amazingly, even thought we included the Brits, the operation went off without a hitch so their Navy must be clean so far. I think we can expect more activity from the commies as they try and infiltrate the US and British Navy however.

Your right Jim and now is the time to get some double agents in the mix. We have to come up with some plausible and disgruntled sailors who will hopefully be contacted by the Reds. We either have to get some of our guys to be real good actors or convince some already red loving sailor boy to work with us. We have to use a combination of carrot and stick with the stick being a firing squad just to make sure.

Yah some kid with a history of student agitating but then somehow joined the armed forces or better yet was drafted. We're going to need a bunch of em and they all have to be under our control. Did you know that the Limey's had caught and turned every Nazi agent in England during WW2?

We'll leave that kind of stuff up to the real spies Sam.

So by compartmentalizing and exclusively using "need to know" we should be able to eventually track em down. Then we just have to wait for them to slip up. If a certain set of operations continuously blow up in our face we can concentrate on that set of officers and their staff until we nail em to the wall. We're going to have to keep track of transfers and new additions. It will be a nightmare but eventually they will screw up they always do. Just a matter of time.

So let me get this straight Bill, a lieutenant, Flight Lieutenant and two captains are the only ones who will know the exact specifics of all the major military operations from soup to nuts?

That's right Sam only us, the President and the Joint Chiefs will have all the information on the exact dates and specifics for every major operation. Everyone else is need to know only. That way if an operation is blown then we can start to focus in on who might be the spy or spies. It will have to be confined to someone with direct knowledge of that particular operation. It will drive rest of the Admirals and Generals nuts but hey war is hell.

We also have to help coordinate all the branches so they work together but we will do that through our special contacts in each planned attack.We are to remain anonymous, blind drops, pigeon holes, no last names, the whole espionage ball of wax. We are the gate keepers of the collective knowledge of the Pentagon on the operational level. Do not slip up, screw up, make a mistake, talk in your sleep etc.

We all unmarried for a reason and we have to keep it that way as long as we hold these positions. No one night stands... basically no sex or drinking for the next year at least. We were all chosen for this reason. I understand that Sam and Bill are Mormons so that helps.

What are you implying Bill?

Nothing Sam nothing. It's just that's one of the reasons you where chosen.

John I know that the Marines are part of the Navy technically but as with the Airforce and the Army that may change so they are going to keep you separate from your counter parts so here's the line up.

Bill is Army, Sam you are Navy, Jim is Airforce and John your Marines.

You are to assume civilian identities but will have special passes etc. to get where you need to go. Some kind of congressional oversight deal that will get you anywhere, anytime. You will be given contacts for every operation in planning and you will only communicate to them using the training and techniques you have just learned. It is up to you to decide what method you use to communicate with each of your contacts. Vary your methods for each operation.

We are even operating outside the OSS.

Your only function is to watch for overlaps, coordination problems, equipment needs, basically anything in one operation that can screw up another operation because you will be the only ones with all the info on all operations out in the field. An example might be if there is going to be a hit on a submarine pen by the Airforce on the same day that the Marines are going to raid the same area. Things like that. Just keep each operation from killing each other by accident.

It's really no different than the way we were doing things. An example might be that MacArthur in the Pacific didn't need to know what day or even if we were going to invade Italy. It was need to know and as I said there are going to be a lot of bent noses in the high command but tough crap. This comes straight from the President.

We will all be employed by a front company... Superior Tool Company and will come into work everyday and sometimes nights, weekends and holidays. Whatever is needed. To the world you are salesmen specialising in tools for the military. We will talk among ourselves, compare notes and then figure out the best way to avoid mix ups and mistakes and then inform our contacts in those operations if there is a problem. Get back to the JCS if there is a conflict and they will solve it.

All contacts with the JCS will be through Rose at the office. She is a highly trained agent and very cute so don't go getting any ideas. She can kill you with a glance.

Any questions gentleman? Yes Sam?

Are you sure John is a Marine? He's way too smart and good looking. He can't be a Marine.

See you at work tomorrow gentleman.

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