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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, June 4, 2010

War Diary of General Anton Lopatin, Commander, 1st Finnish front By Dan

06 June 1946

I, General Anton Ivanovch Lopatin hereby take command of the 1st Finnish front and issue the following orders: 13th Guards Division is to relocate to the Lenningrad Oblast effective immediate.

Stores will be supplied from the reserves of the Leningrad Oblast on the direct order of STAVKA.

13th Guards Division will constitute the cadre of 13th Guards Army on the direct order of STAVKA and will contain the following:
13th Guards - General Anton Lopatin Commanding
8th Guards - General Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov Commanding
3rd Air Army - General Lieutenant N. F. Papivin
208th Rifle - General Lieutenant K. M. Vysokoboinikov
23rd NKVD Destruction Battalion
73rd NKVD Destruction Battalion
93rd NKVD Destruction Battalion

Subject to approval by STAVKA, we will make our initial assault through the Karelian Peninsula using Vyborg as a forming up point and drive west to Helsinki and Espoo and holding a line from Lappeenranta, Luumaki, Kaipiainen, Kouvola, Huvinkaa, Karkkila and Salo.

Once Helsinki and Salo are liberated, a second drive from Murmansk will set out with it's aim to be Tromso, Norway. This will allow us to prosecute the war to liberate Finland and return it to the USSR, give us extended access to the North Sea and the Atlantic, and if required, begin a push into Sweden from the north as well as from the east through Finland.

It is aimed to have Stage 1, (the drive for Salo), complete no later than December 1st 1946 to allow secure wintering quarters before stage 2, (drive from Murmansk), and Stage 3, the complete Liberation of Finland beginning February 1947.

Orders for a general staff meeting of the 1st Finnish front have been issued to take place no later than 0730 tomorrow morning.

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