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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, July 19, 2010

HQ of the Northern Group of Forces

July 9th, 1946
30 miles from LeHavre, France
HQ of the Northern Group of Forces
08:23 hours

This is ridiculous! Unacceptable! Insulting! We need to push the capitalist armies into the sea. Why can’t the whole Soviet Air Force deal with a few ships. They have defeated every other force in their path, yet a few dozen boats and their air cover can prevent us from cleaning the European land mass of every visage of capitalist corruption.

Calm down Marshal Sokolovsky. There is a solution to the problem. You know that strange companion of Stalin…that Sergo? He has been working on the solution that we all want. Combing Soviet science and the Nazi genius for killing, a plan has been hatched that will cripple or sink one of more of the “boats” as you call them. That should convince the capitalist pigs to vacate the English Channel and leave France all together.

So this plan comes from Stalin himself?


That's very good. Do you know why Fillipi?...Of course you don''re an idiot. If the plan fails our necks are not in the noose. I want to nothing further about it so we can deny that it was our fault. We do not need another fiasco to add to the growing list. Believe me Fillipi If I have a fall from power so will everyone on my staff.

Understood Marshal.

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