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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little Discussion Between Friends

I know you will all agree with me that per capita there are and were as many brilliant and talented individuals in the USSR as there was in Germany or the US. The only difference was in the opportunity or lack of opportunity to excel.

In Britain, France, Germany and the US, talented individuals had the opportunity to be recognized for the most part.

In the Soviet Union it was different. Many brilliant and talented people had their lives snuff out or were never given the opportunity to excel for political reasons. Many toiled their whole lives on the brink of starvation because of flawed leadership and lack of education. But that doesn't mean that they did not exist or that somehow the people of the USSR are genetically inferior despite what Hitler believed.

It has been argued that Germany squandered much of their native talent later in the war by using the "final solution".

In this TL Sergo convinces Stalin to be pragmatic. To do a nationwide talent hunt. A hunt to identify the kinds of men and women who can bring victory and then uses his talent for organization to train and build a superior work force that allows people to excel.

As stated earlier Sergo empties the prisons and searches everywhere for the kinds of individuals who can invent, design, produce and engineer the kinds of weapons systems he believes will negate the advantages of NATOs air power.

These talented people would probably been used as cannon fodder or would have died in prison or been worked to death digging ditches outside of Moscow. Their talents unused, wasted and unappreciated. These people would not have been missed in the large scheme of things in the course of WWII. One more frozen body that got in the way of a 9mm bullet would not make any difference in the outcome of WWII.

Another Einstein probably did die in Stalingrad being shot in the back by his own commissar for trying to retreat or froze to death outside of Kursk or died of typhus in Leningrad etc.

Instead Sergo found them and properly used them. These few less bodies would not be missed in the meat grinder that was WWII. They will go on to great things under the leadership of Sergo.

The Soviets have dozens of captured German wonder weapons, 3 American B29s and hundreds of German scientists and highly educated German, Polish, etc. prisoners. And they've had many of these things for over 3 years.

They have infiltrated all levels of US and British society and even our secret services. At this point they know all our secrets and all our secret weapons as well as our capabilities. They know where we are weak and believe they know how to negate our strengths.

This is like playing chess with a grand masters and you have to tell him your plans 5 moves ahead. This infiltration of the American and British secret services by the NKVD makes Ultra look like reading your sisters diary by comparison.

The US, France, England and Germany did amazing things in very short time frames. They generated amazing leaps of technology and created revolutionary weapons systems in as little as 6 months from start to finish. In some cases within 4 months.

My contention is that given the proper atmosphere and incentives the people of the USSR could do the same. All it would take is a willingness on the part of Stalin to let Sergo do his thing... and in this TL he does.

Sergo is the Edison and Ford of the Soviet Union rolled into one and Stalin knows it.

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