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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Telephone transcript from office of Swedish Prime Minister by Dan

July 7th 1946

PAH: Einar, good to hear from you, how are things with you my freind?

EG: Per, Thank you, but I wish things were better. have you had a chance to see the latest photos we have from Murmansk?

PAH: I have, it is not good, but then not bad either. Seems that new division have settled in and aren't going anywhere yet. unfortunately, our eastern neighbours are not having such a good time of it. They seem quite unsettled, some arrests quite high up in their government.

EG: Not good at all, the information we get from their foreign ministry seems to contradisct what the Valpo have given us. Our analysts have been doubting the Valpo documents for some time, too damn close to Moscow for their liking.

PAH: To close for a few people's liking as well really. Apparently their head, Brusiin, is stitting in a Helsinki prison cell at the moment charged with treason. Seems Mannerheim is making his move. I feel it's time we made ours.

GH: To Finland? Offer them alliance? Will your people agree?

PAH: Yes, we've taken care of that. even our popular radio has been refering to the Finns as "our little brothers".
with your agreement, I will have our ambassador convey our request to the Marshal and we will see what will come of it.

GH: I agree. I'll have Torp telephone their minister as well.

PAH: That is good. It is a shame we cannot come together like this in times of peace instead.

GH: Yes, it is a shame, but maybe after this, if there is an after this, maybe then we will.

PAH: let us hope so. Thank you Einar, please give my regards to your wife.

GH: You're welcome Per, and please pass on my regards to your wife and family too.

[connection ends]

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