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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TF77 Flag Ship BB South Dakota

Operation Louisville Slugger
English Channel off Le Havre
July 10th, 1946

Something’s up admiral we just got a message that the Soviets have moved dozens of long range bombers near Brussels. From the reports we have received these bombers appear to be the PE8s. From the intell we have these bombers are large, lumbering, virtually defenseless, heavy, level bombers. It appears they are getting them operational for some mission involving our battle group. They are being loaded with armor piercing 500 lb bombs.

Do you mean to tell me that these museum pieces are going to try and attack the fleet? Even if they somehow fought their way through our air cover the track record of attempting to level bomb maneuvering ships is less than abysmal. It sounds like virtual suicide to me.

Our planning team concurs with your assessment sir but I would suggest that we have to be prepared for all contingencies. Remember how we caught the Japs at Midway. By any measure we should have lost that one.

All right then let’s take no chances... Captain order the CAP to stay with the fleet, and under no circumstances are they to engage the heavy bombers. Your orders are to let the Army Air Corps and RAF deal with the heavy bombers outside of our operational area. We will let the Navy take care of the Navy if they somehow break through. I want a maximum effort on this once radar picks anything coming our way. Set up a plan to use even those ground based airfields to launch fighters when the time is needed. We may have a need to supplement our carriers CAP capabilities.

Yes Sir!

Draft an order to that effect and have it on my desk in 30 minutes. Get me NATO HQ and confirm that the air zone over the fleet will be the Navy’s responsibility. I want to reiterate that how don’t care how juicy the targets are we don’t want any interference within our airspace. We just don’t have the communications capability to control planes from the other services.

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