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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beria Listens

Stalin's Private Office
July 20th

Ah Beria come in and let me wax on the grand plan we will continue to implement.

"Certainly Comrade. I would be honored to hear what one of the greatest minds in the history of mankind is planning."

Only "ONE" of the greatest Beria!

"I mean the greatest of course comrade...."

Never mind Beria and quite stammering. Now listen. Our main goal is to create a buffer between us and the Capitalists and Fascists. Never again shall they be allowed to use mother Russia as a battleground. The former Western Europe will be the future battleground and in the near future America herself. First we must sweep up France and then Spain.

With our help the French Communist Party will lead the nation into new era of a workers’ paradise free from the exploitation of Capitalism. The Spanish will come to their senses and the communists will come to power with our help. We will convince the English to leave Gibraltar.

England itself will be left alone to rot as long as they do not allow the American’s the use of their island for a base to attack the greater socialist workers paradise. We will publicly offer them a future without conflict if they so choose. We will encourage and support the English communists as much as possible. Hopefully we will drive Churchill into permanent retirement.

The former English colonies in the Mideast will be liberated with or without Churchill's permission. We will control all the oil in the mid-east as well as in the Caucasus and Romania. The mines in Scandinavia will supply the metals we need for generations.

In the north our brothers and sisters will bring true freedom to greater Scandinavia. From the bases there and in Germany, France and Iberia we will keep the American pigs at bay until we are ready to embrace them in a dance of death.

Italy will come under our benevolent control as will Greece and Turkey. This will all happen again with help from our communist brothers and sisters already straining to lead their countries in glorious revolutions against their oppressors.

We shall control the access to the Mediterranean Sea to further isolate America and to protect our underbelly as the old bulldog Churchill is fond of saying.

With all of Europe and the Mid-east under our leadership we will be able to withstand any attacks on the greater soviet republics. Communism will reign supreme throughout the world and the American public will soon see the truth about capitalism and the scum who steal their very souls and doom them to a life of servitude.

As much as possible we will assist our communist brothers and sisters to free their homelands of the oppressors. If it can be reached by our land forces it will set free. Our first choice will be the Fifth Column and the people's natural desire to be from their slave masters. But if the need arises it will be by force.

With the minerals of Europe and the oil of the Mideast and Asia under our control we will be able to dictate the future of the glorious revolution that will sweep the last visages of capitalism and fascism from the face of the earth.

In time we too shall have the atomic bomb and the means to deliver it. Until then Sergo is on the verge of providing a defensive umbrella over our heads to keep the American bombers at bay.

We have a small window of opportunity in which to accomplish our glorious revolution and this is it. We have to strike now or never. The US has very few atomic bombs and as you saw their armed forces have disbanded. We know when and where they will try and strike and Sergo assures me that we have enough capability to prevent all but a suicide attack if given two weeks advanced notice.

We shall bring true freedom to all the peoples of the world.

"It is indeed a glorious vision Comrade Stalin. One worthy of the greatest mind in the world. Let our enemies know that anyone who attempts to raise a hand against the will of our people, against the will of the party of Lenin and Stalin, will be mercilessly crushed and destroyed".

Well said Beria. Almost as well said as the first time you said it in 1937.

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