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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beria Reacts

Later that night at Beria’s hiding place for the night.

Hello Niki. You look glad to see me. Can you keep a secret Niki? I would like to strangle Stalin with my bare hands. That pompous ass thinking he can lecture ME! He thinks he has all the power but maybe not for long Niki. Soon I WILL have the power and then I will castrate him and let him beg for mercy. MAN OF STEEL MY ASS! He will be man of whimpers when I am done with him.

You look worried Niki. Don’t be I trust you completely. I have nothing to fear from you do I? You already know what it’s like to have your manhood taken from you. No I have nothing to fear from such as you.

Stalin has much to fear from me. I will grind his bones and feed them to the pigs. Are pigs cannibals Niki? Will they eat their own? THAT SCUM …how dare he presume to lecture me? How dare he speak to me in that manner? I will cut out his heart and feed it to you.

That little coward, you should have seen him Niki during the Battle of Moscow. Twitching, jumping at any noise. First I’ll nail his feet to the floor so he can’t run.

That’s a good boy who knows when to listen. Now let’s go for a walk. Maybe that bitch will be in the park again. Then we’ll come back and spend a nice night listening to the radio. Let me get your leash and we’ll go. Come on Niki, come on. That’s a good boy.

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