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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Combined French/Dutch/Belgium Command NATO HQ

La Havre, France
July 15th, 1946

So that it the last of them mon ami. Now all that's left is for us to fade into the crowd.

No more British cooking to smell. That's part is fine with me. They are terrible cooks, no? Their idea of cooking meat is to boil it to death. My nostrils are still filled with the stench.

It is time for everybody to go back to your homes and wait for the call to play partisan again until we are rescued once more. Group A pickup your papers at the North exit. Group B south. Don't switch groups otherwise your paperwork will be useless. Go back to your homes and wait. Do what they tell you to do but listen to the radio broadcasts from England. The governments in exile will be working overtime to confuse the enemy. Just integrate yourselves as much as possible.

If asked where you were admit that you were at the front and were fighting for your homes. Even the Soviets should not be upset with that. Don't lie about your fighting. We have it on good advise that the average Soviet soldier will respect an honest answer and will recall how it was to fight for his homeland.

So far we have no indication that they will retaliate against anyone who is not German. We have no reports of abuse among the prisoners or civilian population. All of the British, American and German fighters who wished to evacuate have done so. The Soviets have no reason to abuse or harm you once you surrender. Again just tell them you were fighting for your homes and families and they will hopefully leave you alone. After all they will need strong backs to work in their factories and to rebuild their new empire.

They also need hostages. Don't be unrealistic and believe that you and your family have any meaning to Stalin. But you are what is keeping the Americans from using Abombs on the Soviet armies. More importantly they know this. They have every reason to keep you with your families and rebuilding their new empire in Western Europe. They need you for human shields and for labor. Their is no historic or cultural reason for them to abuse us.

Go now everyone, surrender and be patient and wait for the right moment to strike. I assure you it will come.

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