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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Map Room

The White House
Washington D.C.
July 11th, 1946

What the hell happened out there today Leahy?

Well sir it appears that the Reds have made operational the German AR 234…Hitler’s Blitz Bomber. They came in under the radar and climbed to 6,000 ft in seconds and then dive bombed the battleships. All the attention was on the East where the buzz bombs were coming out of the sun.

It kind of reminds me of what happened at Midway where all the Japanese were shooting down the torpedo planes and failed to notice our dive bombers coming in. Then the gunners that did see them they thought they were those Brit Meteors jets. We have testimonials that they were ordered not to fire until too late. We just had no idea that the Reds had a jet bomber operational.

Here's the report sir. The South Dakota is down with over 750 deaths and the Missouri is a floating hulk being towed to England. They sustained 591 casualties.

That's quite a butchers bill. How did the South Dakota go down so fast?

She was hit three times by 1000lb armor piercing bombs. The third bomb caused the forward magazine to explode which broke her back. Much like the HMS Hood that went down in 3 minutes after a lucky hit by the Bismarck.

So the Reds are cashing in on their captured German Wonder Weapons and scientists. You say it was a jet bomber?
Yes Sir.

We have jet fighters in the area do we not?

Yes sir but they were ordered not to enter the naval combat zone for fear of friendly fire incidents by Admiral Lee. The USAAF P80s were also lured into chasing after a couple of dozen decoys. The Navy wanted it that way claiming they could take care of their own. After all they have over 20 Fleet carriers on station right now. What they lacked was their own jet fighter.

And why is that?

They wanted to develop their own and refused to work with the Army on an operational P80 variant. Instead they are trying to develop their own based on some German model but are having trouble with the tail section. So meanwhile they were caught too low and too slow to catch the new Soviet jet job. There is good news.

And what would that be?

The Soviets appear to only have 6 jet bombers and one was shot down.

What about those reports about the V1 Buzz Bombs hitting the ships.

Well Sir it appears they where a decoy all along. No one saw one of the V1s hit any ship.

Alright Leahy I'm ordering Nimitz to use the P80 until your own plane is a reality. We need the Navy and we need them bad for our plans to proceed. You'll just have to use the P80 for the meantime. From what I understand it is the fastest and best plane in the air. The Navy has to be able to defend itself now. Not tomorrow but now.

Yes Sir. On another subject Sir…we just lost two battleships…

Yes I understand. Damn it we just stayed a little too long. We can't underestimate the Reds again. End Operation Louisville Slugger now.

It was only a delaying tactic anyway. Just to buy us some time and that’s what it did. Two weeks and a very steep price for old Joe to swallow. That ought to slow him up a bit next time he decides to run through an open door just because it’s open. Send my condolences to all involved and I will address the nation on Wednesday about the losses of two fine ships and hundreds of brave young men.

Well put sir. How long before you think the Reds will figure out our real plan?

Hopefully not for another month at least we should be in position by then. At least that is the plan. You are dismissed Admiral … Churchill is calling and he is a real windbag.

Yes Sir.

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