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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Northern Front July 12th, 1946 By Dan

From the Personal Diary of General Aksel Airo

July 12th 1946

The Marshall has requested that I take a seat on the General Staff for this third war. It is a sudden change, having gone from a prison cell to a conference room.
My previous accommodation at the hands of the VALPO, I understand, is now occupied quite to my amusement, by the man who ordered me there. I'm sure Brusiin will enjoy his new surroundings and appreciate his amended circumstances.

As yet we are only able to determine the general thrust of the Soviet advance, it is aimed at Helsinki. The Russians have never been the most subtle of people, and it seems that this is no exception. Good news this far, members of the Swedish and Norwegian General Staff arrived this morning. We begin the meetings in the morning.

Not so good news, The Russians have made up to 35km in these first two days, at this rate they will be in Helsinki before we can mount a serious defence. Orders have gone out to mine every bridge in the Russians path and to start taking up railway lines. The Police are on full alert looking for Communist saboteurs. It is unlikely but we must not discount the potential.

The Army has been brought back to something close to a decent strength. It is hard to believe that just over a year ago, we had no more than 600 newly trained troops to chase the Nazi's out of Finland, now we are back to thousands, most not needing any more than bare refreshing. I have heard already that some senior officers are joking that we can only restrict training at the moment to the daylight hours, in some ways I am glad to hear that, but I fear we are asking a lot of the men already in the firing line to buy us further time, and many of those will pay a far higher price that I would hope.

I must go and read our current disposition and find the straw to cling to that will bring us victory, maybe reading the intelligence on the Soviets the VALPO left us will provide me with some comedy instead. At least the Marshall is positive, and so I must be too.

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