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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Number 10 Downing Street

Number 10 Downing Street
War Room
July 17th, 1946
14:17 hours
The evacuations went without a hitch sir. It appears that Louisville Slugger did the trick and kept the Reds away until we could transport everyone that wanted to leave the continent. We have reports that they are in Le Havre and other coastal towns north of Paris and are continuing their advance into Southern France.

Very good Edward. It looks like we accomplished our goals with the operation. Stalin was given a punch in the gut and a bloody nose. At least he should be more cautious and that will play to our advantage. Old Joe has turned out to be a bloody monster. I tried to warn Truman but he believed FDRs advisors up until the last moment. I sure wish we had gotten the first licks in. Instead we are the ones licking our wounds.

I do hope the American’s plan works sir.

I concur. I will rather enjoy not having England be used once again for a jumping off point and supply depot. We have to concentrate on sweeping the skies clear above England and looking to our colonies. The Reds will never be a threat to invading us as long as we control the skies and the seas around our little island paradise. Thankfully the Soviets don’t have the bomber force to attack us like the Germans during the Blitz. Hopefully they will spend their resources on other things besides the V1 and V2. Although as terrifying as they were they never really did any damage.

We do have reports that they have spent a lot of time and effort on missile technology. They seem to be concentrating on shorter range and defensive missiles however. They do love their Katyushkas.

They bloody well be preparing for getting attacked from the skies. The Americans will be up to strength again in the Fall and will be hitting them very hard once all their bases are setup. It should catch old Joe between a rock and a hard place. Curiously the Bolsheviks seem to have a good spy network when it comes to tactical and operational matters but seem to be somewhat clueless on strategic matters concerning the Americans plans. On the other hand we seem to be able to catch old Joe with his pants down on small scale operations but not on our strategic goals. Make a note to pass that along to MI6 and the Americans. It could help us to discover who the agents are and where they are.

It’s kind of chilling to think that there are spies in these very offices sir.

It’s more than chilling Edward … it’s deadly.

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