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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soviet Norther Command HQ

Soviet Northern Command HQ
Le Havre, France
July 18th, 1946
13:01 Hours

“So we continue our search for the American’s today Comrade Marshal. I wonder where they are hiding? Our agents have confirmed that they are not in England and unless they have donned underwater gear they are still on land.”

We just got the orders to continue our advance south in haste. Order the OMSBON Units out to recon and to interrogate the locals to extract all the information they can. Counsel them to do it discreetly and only pickup undesirables who won’t be missed if things get a little rough. Give them the freedom they need to get the information I need. I suppose I have to leave this location by the sea. I love the sea.

“I’m sure Paris will be a pleasant stop on our way to annihilate the Americans that are still running with their tail between their legs Comrade Commander. Have you seen some of the prisoners? They whine even more than the Germans. Red Cross says this, Geneva Convention says that. They are all a bunch of Jewish lawyers.”

Huh! Don’t they know what happened to the Jewish lawyers here in Europe?

“I would suggest Comrade Marshal that we don’t treat them too badly. If we keep them alive they can keep asking for more Red Cross supplies that we can use. A little for them a lot for us. A number of their families came from Russia before and after WWI. We could be torturing your cousin. Just keep them away from the more primitive units and they should be fine. They were our allies at one time. It’s hard to fight alongside someone one day the then kill them the next, is it not?”

Yes I agree with you old friend but sometimes it needs to be done. We do not have the resources to support them in luxury. Craft an order that no one can misinterpret. The American's are not to be mistreated. Stalin is going to try and cause a rift between the Americans and the British. Mistreating the prisoners of either faction would not help his efforts.

So for now this has highest priority. Keep them safe and out of harms way and let the propaganda machine publicize this fact.

I see no advantage at this point in wasting time and energy on transporting them to Russia. Let's use the German camps in Poland. That one near Danzig would be good. Then if something more permanent needs to be done with them the infrastructure is already in place.

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