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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Washington DC
July 13, 1946

It's all set 4 weeks from today we should have what we need. Everything should be in place. 52 P51s, 150 B29s, 2 Silver Plates and one Abomb. Target will be Leningrad. Now that the Ruskies have declare war on Finland we have the OK to take it out as a show of force of the Abombs power. We're going to send two Silver Plates but only one bomb will be dropped. One will be along for a training run. We'll use Sweden to refuel the fighters.

Sure seems to me that we should have a lot more pilots and planes ready by now.

The equipment is there in mothball as you pointed out but the experienced pilots are thinking about how to use the GI Bill. They are reuniting with their sweethearts, getting to know their children, reconnecting with their wives and thinking about on campus housing or getting an apartment, which car to buy etc. It's only +60 days or so since the Soviet attack. The vast majority of the experience pilots want nothing to do with war. Let the other guy who stayed at home and stole my girl do the fighting. Let the jerk used car dealer who stayed at home and made a fortune and who got my sister pregnant go over there. I did my part. Don't' worry they'll come around soon but for now we have to make do with what we got.

Well at least I'm glad that damn pit is up and working. What a pain in the ass. I guess it takes a lot of specialized equipment to hoist a 10,000 lb Abomb up into one of those modified B29s. I guess there building a few more around too. Top Secret, hush, hush and all that as to where they are put them in.

We still have only 7 bombs. Hardly enough to make a dent. Some of them probably won't even work. I guess they are real touchy.

What is holding up production?

It's the same story as with the Vets. All the scientists moved on to civilian jobs and the production facilities have been abandoned or converted to civilian use. It's just going to take time to get them all back up and running a full capacity. It's kind of Stalin knew just the right time to make his move. His timing was perfect.

The word is official...we will not be dropping any Abombs in Western Europe. I guess the philosophy is that we can't save em by killing them. Makes sense I guess. I know I'd rather be Red and Dead myself. Besides we'll beat em in the end anyway just like we always have. We'll just have to use more conventional means. Then when we get closer and within fighter escort range we'll start to melt their cities.

You know Bill this raid should be a good test of how they respond. I hope someone is taking notes. Say you better get off to your meeting. You got the target and the date...just make sure no other operation is planned anywhere near Leningrad.

It is about time I got back to work. Those Superior Tools don't sell themselves you know. Say are you interested in a left handed monkey wrench? I do have to make a living some way or the other.

Yeh I'll take 1400.

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