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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

20th Armored Butcher's Bill


London England

July 29th, 1946

07:45 hours

Well what's the butchers bill Tom?

The 20th has about 4967 survivors so far. Most of their equipment is lost and the men are dragging their tails behind them. It seems the Reds really did a number on them. Similar to Kasserine Pass.

Damn it! I told Green not to let himself get flanked. That just shows what would have happened to all of us if we had tried to take a stand at the Rhine or even the Loire. We just don't have enough troops to cover the line. Shit the Reds are like a bunch of army ants. Crawling all over the place and leaving nothing behind. You stand in their way and you get surrounded and eaten alive.

Did you see that poor bastard Green on the front page of Pravda? Whoa did he look like a licked puppy.

Hell prison camp is too good for the bastard. Shit we had to use the 101st to fill in the line. We had some plans for those jump happy jokers and now that's out the window thanks to "General Fighting Mark Green". That's what the idiot referred to himself in front of his staff..."Fighting Mark Green" Jesus what an asshole.

Yeah and the asshole who just lost us half a division and all it's equipment. I saw the numbers and the reds now have their hands on 130 slightly used M26 Pershings. From what I heard they can have them. At least in a Stuart you can run. You can't even get those Pershings out of 2nd gear. I mean what is it with America and us building tanks that can't do the job.

I think it all stems from the mistakes made by General McNair and his Anti-tank doctrine. What he failed to realize is that it's rather easy to use mortars and artillery to suppress open top tank destroyers like the M10. I mean you can take it out with a hand grenade for crying out loud.

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