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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

20th Armored Division

Mobile HQ 10th Mechanized Division
General Paul Green
Near Baby, France
July 26, 1946
06:34 hours

Get your ass in here Cole. I’m tired of running. We need to get some combat experience for the division. Put CCA southwest along the river the CCB covering the bridge and the CCC northeast along the river. Put CCR in reserve behind CCB. It’s time to see how those new Pershings stack up against the Soviets best. Will see how that S2 takes a 90mm. Mine the road and rig the bridge for demolition.

Sir, may I remind you that before we lost communications we were told to stay out of harm’s way and just stay in contact with the Reds and not to become heavily engaged.

What the hell are we doing here then? I didn’t come over here to keep running from Bolsheviks. This is a perfect setup for an ambush. We’ll give em a bloody nose and the set up for the next one. Don’t worry Cole. God damn it I’m not an idiot and I’m not going to get into a stand up fight. We’re just going to kick them in the teeth and then keep on “relocating to the rear”.

May I speak freely sir? Go ahead Cole.

We have a brand new unit sir made up of green troops straight from boot camp. They cut our training by 2 weeks and stuffed us on that transport and here we are in France. Some these guys can’t even figure out the new shift pattern of the M26 much less drive in a straight line. I think this is a bad idea sir.These boys have never seen the elephant much less a Soviet S2 heavy tank.

Listen Cole we have to stand and fight sometime and now’s the time! Don’t get your undies in a bundle we’re not going to stay long … just long enough to see the elephant as you put it and then we continue as ordered. I’m sure the old man won’t whine if we take a few S2s out. We’ll just keep in contact by punching them in the mouth. Now get your ass out there and get this bunch inline. Briefing at 07:10… move it soldier.

Yes sir.

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