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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Lost Division

NATO Western Command HQ
Communications Shack
July 27th 1946
06:35 hours

Hello…this is Private Johnson of the 20th Armored…Hello can anyone hear me? Over

We hear you…Private…Use the assigned protocol. Over

I don’t know what the protocol is. Shit I just dug this radio out from under a crashed plane and wondered if it worked. I just got lucky getting you. Who is this anyway? Over

This is NATO Western command Private, Lt. Casey speaking. Over

How do I know that you are who you say you are? Over

Ask a question only an American would know? Over

Ah…OK who won the Kentucky Derby in 1945? Over

Jesus Johnson…how would I know? Ask about baseball or something normal. Over

Are you a commie? I’m from Kentucky and everyone knows it was Hoop Jr. Ok how about an easier one…who was the jockey? …. Oh ah Over.

Come on Johnson ask something a real American would know like about football or the movies. Over

I bet you are a commie … Let’s see… All right Who’s on first. Over

….That’s right. Over

Alright now we’re talking. We’re in real bad shape here Casey. The General and his staff where captured, we think, when they went to check on the problem to our south. Something about Reds blocking the road and taking out the supply guys that where behind us. Anyway we haven’t heard from anyone higher up than a Major in a while then this plane dropped in our lap. Pilot and passenger are dead. We got a bunch of Captains and Lt. running around not knowing what’s going on……. Damn… Over.

All right Private you doing a hell of a job. Find me one of those Captains or a Major. Over
Gladly, except I’m pinned down by those same damn Reds that we were supposed to ambush. Our tankers are firing the wrong shells or something because they are just bouncing off the biggest ass Red tanks I’ve ever seen….

Private you there?…Private. Over

Yeah I’m here. They’re shelling the plane. That was a close one. The same tank that killed the Major is hunting for me. I gotta move. Listen the word is that we’re supposed to head up this little road to the east towards…Viola or violin…no Vigeolis. Is that the way out of here? The word is that it’s a very bad road and not in the greatest of shape. Over

Listen Private we need you to get to someone who is in charge. We need to know the situation before we can give you orders. Get the ranking officer on the radio. Over.

You guys don’t get it. We’re being over-run. I got no way of getting this radio to anyone. I’m just hunkered under this plane and the Reds are breathing down my neck. I can’t move, I can’t even talk loud. It’s amazing this radio still works much less trying to move it and finding an officer a GOD DAMN OFFICER!

Alright Johnson take it easy. I just took a look at our maps and the officer on duty told me to give you these orders... If you are indeed cut off from the south then you will need to go to Vigiolis. You are right that the tanks won’t be able to make the bridges or through some of the gorges. You’ll have to leave them behind is what I’m being told. Use them as a rear guard. From the looks of the map you should have everyone head East and then take the first road south towards…Objat. Do you copy? Over

Got it NATO…East then South to Objat. Over

Good job Private. We’ll be sending the 101st to relieve you and you will never hear the end of it. Over

Ah shit not those cowboys from the 101st… oh well beggars can’t be choosers. Thanks Casey. Over

Good luck Johnson…say what’s your first name? Over

Lars... and my wife’s name is Emma. That’s Emma Johnson in Louisville Kentucky. Over

Good luck Lars. Over…..Johnson do you read me? Over. Johnson?

Sorry sir we seem to have lost the signal.

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