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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Lost Division



July 26th, 1946

14:40 hours

Excuse me sir but you need to have a look at this.

What is it Compton?

We have lost contact with the 20 Armored Division. They were ordered to stay in contact with the Soviet 14th Tank Army but not to engage.

Fill me in on this unit Sid. Is this one of those fresh off the freighter and who’s in command?

Yes sir it is an untested unit and General Green is the commanding officer.

Untested huh. Is a polite term for fresh meat Sid? Isn’t Green that gun ho desk jokey they push on us?

Yes sir.

How exactly are they out of communication and for how long?

About 6 hours now sir ever since the Reds started jamming our signals. The other units have adapted but the 20th Armored doesn’t have a Signal Battalion assigned to it yet. We sent out a Signal Company to regain contact and they have not reported yet. We have indications that there are Red Units of Battalion size and greater that are in position to cut off the 10th’s egress.

How in god’s name did that happen?!?!!?

General Green apparently decided to stand and fight at Baby. Here are some maps that give you the general situation.

It looks like Green has a pretty good setup behind the river. We believe he was going to ambush the leading elements of the Reds to give his troops some combat experience and then move on south following his orders to Brive-la-Galliarde.

The next map shows how he got his ass in a sling by trying to improvise.

By delaying his retrograde movement too long he gave the Soviets time to set him up. There are two recon battalions to his southeast who can slow him up just enough for the Soviet 27th Armored Division to cut him off.

For crying out loud … what was that idiot thinking? Get me Ike on the phone … NOW! Then order the 101st to stand-by for further orders. Get me in contact with Green! I don’t care if you have to crash land a plane in there with a working radio. GET ME GREEN! Then get Norgard in here and have him bring me the status of every air unit within range of the 20th Armored. What kind of distances are we talking here and didn’t they have most of the 49th Quarter Master Group assigned to them for safe keeping?

It’s about 20 miles from Baby to Brive-La-Galliarde and yes they did.

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