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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Shadow War Begins by Mad Missouri


Minutes from July 29th meeting Office of the Director of Central Intelligence.
Start: 0900
End: 0930
General W. Donovan
General J. Magruder
Mr. A. Dulles
Mr. F. Wisner
Mrs. Mary Marie Barrett – notes.

GWD: Good morning gentleman. Before we get started, would anyone like coffee? Ok, let’s get down to it. As we all know the war isn’t going well. We’ve been back in business 9 days now, where are we at in our rebuilding?
AD: Well Sir, so far everything is going well. We are no were near the organization that the OSS was but we are making progress.
GJM: So far we have taken control of the old Research and Analysis from State. The War Department will turn over control of the old SI and X-2 next week. As to the other branches…well we are rebuilding those from scratch. Many of our former personnel have offered to return. The only major problem area so far is that Hoover will not even return our phone calls about our role in domestic counter-espionage.
FW: Sir, if I may, Hoovers going to be a problem. We’ve all seen how he works. Something needs to be done there.
GWD: Frank, I think we all understand Hoover. Sadly we have to work with him for now.
FW: Uh…Yes sir.
GWD: Allen, what is the status of our training areas?
AD: Sir, on that subject I have good news. We took possession of a 43,000 acre training area 2 days ago from the War Department. It was mothballed shortly after VE day but the buildings, ranges, and air strip are all in good shape. We have a team there now getting it ready for our equipment and the first refresher classes. Although it is farther away from Washington than our former areas it offers everything we could want in one centralized location.
GWD: What are we calling it?
GJM: Internally it will be called Area Z. To the public it will be referred to as the Camp Atterbury Military Reservation.
GWD: What of our weapons and equipment?
FW: I’m afraid that is a problem area. While the War department is willing to give us large amounts of equipment from their WW2 stockpiles, they can only find about a third of the specialized weapons we turned over to them last year. Sadly it’s the same with the other specialized equipment also. I have begun contracting the original suppliers to see how long it takes to put some of the items back into production.
GWD: Alright, that all for now. I have to meeting with the President at 1015. Gentlemen our goal stays the same, I want to go active as an agency the last week of August. And we need some big victories soon after that. Thank you for coming, we will meet again next Friday same time. Frank please remain behind I need to speak with you.

(General W. Donovan and Mr. F. Wisner remaining, 0930 to 0940)

GWD: What’s the status of the Germans? Were you able to find them?
FW: Yes, sir I found them. General Gehlen was very helpful in that area. The hardest to find was Skorzeny. As it turned out we found him in the Italian Alps. It seems he just walked out of his prison camp with 100 other SS officers sometime before the Army guards fled the Russians. In all we have a little over 200 Germans and Austrians coming. The first should be arriving in Mexico next week. After that they should begin arriving in the training around the end of August.
GWD: Good. Those animals are going to be important for us inserting teams behind the reds in Germany. No one cares if those people take heavy losses. On another subject , Frank, do you remember the Operation Underworld? Let’s dust off those contacts. We may need the skills they have to offer.
FW: Yes, sir.

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