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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ground to Sky Missile Site #1

Report from Ground to Sky Missile Site #1

Hogland Island
Leningrad, USSR
August 10th, 1946
10:05 hours
By General Georg Malyshev
Commander of Ground to Sky Missile Battery Number One

Missile site was operational on August 8th at 11:43 hours.

At launch minus 3 hours, 30 X missiles were installed. At launch minus 1 hour the missiles guidance systems where calibrated and prepared to receive their fuel. The operators were on duty starting on August 10th at 04:00 hours.

Radar reported multiple targets in route from the West at 10,000 meters and a speed of 400 kph at 7:12 hours. The enemy formations were on time and on target just as we had been told to expect.

The skies were clear and visibility was unlimited.

Missiles were launched in volleys of 10 in a dispersed pattern at one minute intervals. This allowed the missile operators to follow their assigned missile and choose their targets. Despite this precaution 7 missiles were lost before reaching the 8km wire release and the Columba system could take over flight control.

The Columba system appeared to fail on 8 units and they passed harmlessly through the formation. One of these arrant missiles hit an escort fighter by chance and 4 others flying close by were damaged and eventually destroyed.

9 missiles performed as designed and were guided to their targets. 6 more were partially successful and damaged their targets.

Between the Missile Operator Corps and the Columba aiming system the success rate for the missiles was 30% destroyed and 20% damaged.

The main purpose of the ground based missile program was a success. It created panic in the bomber forces and caused them to break formation. At least 10 mid-air collisions were observed as the bombers tried to weave and dodge away from the missiles.

The American pilots could not discern between the directed missiles and the conventional rockets fired by the TU2s and panic ensued when the TU2s fired their undirected rockets in large numbers in the direction of the B29's.

Because of the previous behavior of the directed Columba headed missiles we assume that the capitalist pilots thought that all the missiles were capable of being guided. This was the designed outcome for this mission and it was a resounding success.

Once the bomber boxes where broken up by the panic of the pilots trying to avoid real or imagined threats the convention fighter force was able to pounce. Many of the bombers lost altitude while trying to allude real or imagined threats. Others dove to lower levels to avoid their own comrades. The end result was that most of the bombers were scattered, at lower altitudes, at slow speeds and in small isolated groups.

The escorts were engaged by our fighters and 13 were shot down when they followed the TU2s down to low level and into pre-set flak traps. Another 22 American escorts were claimed as victories by our fighter force.

The conclusion can only be that while the Ground to Sky Missile force did not inflict unsustainable damage it did achieve its main objective which was to break up the bomber formations. In addition they caused 10 mid-air collisions and spread panic among the bomber forces. The end result was that the surviving bombers were at lower attitude, at much slower speeds and did not reach their target.

The entire bomber force dropped their bomb loads into the Black Sea far from land.

In addition the Ground to Sky missiles created a screen or camouflage for the Teppop Interceptors and their X4 missiles. With the large number of missiles and rockets coming from all directions the Americans apparently had no idea of where the real threat was.

Addendum: One of the Missile Operators admitted after questioning that she had intentionally missed the target. She was immediatly hung as an example to the other operator

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