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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, October 25, 2010

What is the Name of that Mountain Range

Central Group of Armies

Marshal Rokossovsky Quarters

August 12th, 1946

09:49 Hours

We are having more and more contact with the Americans. Logic would dictate that they will try and make a stand soon if only to show their oppressed masses that they are trying to stop the all conquering Red Army.

You can stop the communist rhetoric Nikolai, the commissar is not here. I think your assessment is correct. We must see if we can disrupt their plans. Send the OMSBON Operational Groups ahead and order them to press forward until they have passed through the mountains ahead. What is the name of that mountain range again?

The Pyrenees comrade.

Why can’t I ever remember that name? How much of an obstacle will they pose for our armored units?

They are a formidable barrier into Spain. They have not been tested since the days of Charlemagne. Their reputation has been enough to deter any invaders that contemplated an attack through them. Any modern armies would most certainly have used the relatively easier terrain on both coasts. I do recall an anti Franco faction that tried a route through the middle of the mountains in late 1944. The name Vielha comes to mind.

Despite the small victory by the air force on the NATO battleships they will still be available near the coasts. Our flanks will always be in the flux if we make a major attack on either end of the Pyrenees. I have no doubt that we can accomplish our objectives but at a great cost. Send a heavy reconnaissance force to this city of Vielha and see if the Americans have defended it yet. Give them as much air support as we can and let’s see what we are facing. If they can force their way through then be in position to follow up swiftly. If not then we will have to prepare general assault on the various other passes through the mountains. If these fail we will again have to figure out a way to neutralize the NATO navies and go around the flanks.

May I suggest comrade Marshal that we start operations in Italy and in Greece. Our allies are anxious to get their share of the spoils of war. Their knives are sharp and the Bulgarians are eager to make up for past deeds done by the Greeks. The Romanians will do whatever we ask of them. They want to please their Uncle Joe.

I personally hope the Turks give us reason to attack. My family owes them for what they did in the old times.

Yes we all have those old wounds eh? Family stories about this massacre or that expulsion. It’s not easy to keep them all straight but we all seem to have them.

I will recommend that we begin operations in Italy and Greece but we must wait for the order to attack from the Kremlin. Stalin prefers to stay focused on the task at hand.

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