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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, November 12, 2010

But Sir

But sir you have to realize this might be a very appealing offer to some. Suppose they make it public? There could be a lot of pressure to take a close look at his offer.

I’ll be damn if I’ll kowtow to his demands. He’s dictating that we let all of Europe fall behind an Iron Curtain of slavery that is Stalinism, that we allow our own traitorous Communists free rein to undermine our democracy and that we assist him in opening up the world’s oceans to his navy. Is he mad!

Probably Sir Winston, but the alternative is equally unthinkable. If we don’t acquiesce to his demands then he threatens to unleash the largest air force ever seen against our island. Every city south of Leeds is within their range and we now know that they have jet bombers and jet fighters as well as thousands of conventional fighters and bombers. Not only that but he threatens to invade the Middle East, cut off our oil supplies and take over the Suez Canal. In addition if the Americans continue with their plan they will not be able to assist us. The great bulk of their air forces will be elsewhere carrying out their part of Plan Griddle.

It seems to me that another diminutive, bombastic dictator threatened much the same. The Americans were not available then. I see Stalin and Communism as an even greater threat then Hitler and the Nazism and he must be stopped. We fought then and we won. We shall have to repeat the effort once again.

If I may remind you sir you are not in power anymore and that decision is out of your hands. Stalin has given us 2 months to make a decision. He is counting on the masses rising and demanding that we sit this one out. They will argue that we did enough. We lost an empire. We are drained. The communists are gaining ground fast. Unless something changes we will run out of time.

Well Roger we shall see what we can do to change that dynamic.

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