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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Small Arms by Mad Missouri


15 August 1946

FROM: Sub-Committee on Small Arms
TO: Chief of Ordnance
SUBJECT: RIFLE, U.S., CALIBER .30 M2-Limited Procurement of


A. Based on the recommendation of Headquarters, Army Ground Forces originally submitted 20 July 1945, and resubmitted 30 May 1946 limited production contracts for 100,000 Rifle, .30 Caliber, M2 were issued 3 June 1946.

(1) Two 50,000 piece contracts were issued to Springfield Armory and Remington Arms Company for a total of 100,000 rifles.

(2) Springfield Armory delivered the first 2000 rifles on 20 July 1946. Remington Arms Company delivered its first 1500 rifles on 7 August 1946.

(3) Both entities believe they will meet contracted production requirements of 4,000 rifles per month within 60 days.

B. The initial 3500 rifles were shipped with required technical manuals and accessories to Spain on 13 August 1946.

(1) Each rifle was provided with seven 20 round magazines, a modified M1937 BAR belt, M1945 suspenders, new 7 inch M5 bayonet, bipod, cotton web sling and cleaning kit. The modified M1937 BAR belts have 3 single magazine pockets on each side. This was done to remind the troops that magazines for the M2 while similar in shape and size to those for the Browning Automatic Rifle are not interchangeable.

C. The production of these rifles should not have any long term effect on M1 rifle production. In addition to resumed production at the two former wartime manufactures (Springfield Armory and Winchester) new contracts totaling 3 million rifles have been award to Harrington & Richardson Inc., Savage Arms Company, and Remington Arms Company. It is expected that the monthly M1 rifle production will match the Second World War maximum wartime monthly production rate by November 1946. The end result being a monthly rate expected to be over twice the previous maximum rate by August 1947.

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