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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decoy Missiles

Why do we continue to do this senseless work? These don't even look correct Dmitri. Anyone could tell by just walking up to them that they are not real.

Shut up and hand me that wrench idiot. They are not meant to be just walked up upon hence the guards.

Two dozen workers are finishing up the last assembly of what looks to be rockets. Hundreds of rockets stationed all around the city of Minsk. The "rockets" look like small versions of the German V2. They are replicas of the same missiles that were used in defending Leningrad. The same sites are being developed throughout the USSR. First in the cities most likely to be hit by strategic bombers flying from England.

In a factory near the Urals Studebaker trucks are being modified with what seem to be mobile units replacing the Katuska rocket launchers. Most are also fake but a number of them are real. These fake missiles are of course meant to be seen and reported. Reported as being evidence of a massive defensive ring around most of the major Soviet cities and strategic targets that are within reach of the fighter escorts of the Allies flying from England.

The plan is to make it seem that every major city and even the rear areas and supply lines are similarly defended. The hope is that there is no large scale testing of these systems as the vast majority are just hollow shells that will never leave the ground. Stalin, Sergey and the Stavka are all counting on this bluff to hold for at least the next 6 months. Just until the real defense is operational.

Already the major industrial sites that are still located beyond the Urals and have a credible threat. It is predicted that the missile systems around the sites will be able to have a 5 or hopefully 10% hit rate. That combined with the new jet interceptors being produced should be able to make any large scale strategic bombing campaign very costly. Not impossible but very costly.

It is said that the NATO allies will not put up with massive losses, especially the USA. It is felt that with a combination of propaganda and mounting losses, any bombing campaign will be halted by the will of the American people and Europe will become the true workers paradise that Marx envisioned so long ago.

That's what they say anyway.

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