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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Defend Toulouse

The KGB has done it again. The NATO planners are going to attempt a so called carpet bombing operation near Toulouse. We know the date and the location of the strike. The only question is are they able to get units in place in time. We still only have 60 operational jet interceptors and only a few dozen air to sky rockets. Air Marshal Nonikov anticipated this next move and much of the equipment is already in Western Europe and near Paris.

I suggest that we do not use the Trepops for this operation. The fake Tu2s should be enough along with the air to sky rockets to give them a scare. Marshal Novikov was smart to move the equipment. After what happened in Leningrad I don't believe the US will be sending many raids deep into the Mother Land. I've heard that this carpet bombing cannot be done from high altitude so that should be to our advantage. Another reason not to use the Trepops.

I've heard that they have replaced the guidance system of the rockets with an even simpler method. The details are not for me to know. All I care is that they work and break up the blasted formations so our fighters can penetrate their defenses.

That Sergey fellow gave quite a lecture on how things are supposed to work together. Much like ground combat he has designed a combined arms plan. The air to sky rockets make the bombers take a few hits and unnerve the others who must stay in formation. Then the rocket launching heavy fighters and medium bombers move in and launch with the aim of drawing off the fighter escorts and dragging them down to lower levels where our conventional fighters can have the advantage. Hopefully this will also serve to break up the bomber formation and they too will fall prey to the Yak 9s and Lag 7s. Then there are the jet interceptors that will engage any of their jet fighters and if they are not present then they will attack any remaining bombers. The rockets being launched by the heavy fighters and Tu2s will be different too. If unmolested they will be able to break up the bomber formations.

So the escorts are damned if they do and damned if they don't engage them.

Most interesting also is that they have stepped up production of the old Pe8 heavy bomber.

what in the world for. Those things are so obsolete and could not possibly survive against modern air defenses.

All I know is what I heard and that Sergey fellow mumbled something about the Pe8 being used for yet again another purpose.

Yes I was not present but I heard about how strange that little Sergey is. An odd duck as the Limeys would say. Not your normal sort of person from all accounts.

I don't care if he has horns and a tail as long as he is on our side and keeps the Yankee pigs from using their bombers to destroy the Motherland.

I heard he has some kind of fetish for small animals.

Ha what can you do with a small animal? Now I know what you can do with a sheep and have seen it done many a time.

Sounds like you've been away from your wife too long comrade.

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