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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soviet Report May 20, 1946

Things are going well Maior. They die like flies without their air cover. Our numbers out weight their numbers. Maybe Rubin is right and the key is air-power.

Keep pushing them and capture as many supplies as we can. Leave a guard behind at the depots along with an anti-aircraft unit. We need those supplies both for us and for the others back home. We need strong factory workers to make the bullets we are putting into American and English bodies.

Our losses have been minimal and very acceptable. It will take them months to get any kind of forces from the US to try and stop us. We must keep pressing them. We have to take the ports on the channel and prevent another Dunkirk. We will not hesitate like the Nazis. We will drive them into the sea. The plan is to by-pass Paris and make a turn for the coast to trap them.

We have to keep in contact with them and cannot let them separate otherwise they will not hesitate to use their strategic bombers like they did on the Nazi pigs. They don't have the stomach to sacrifice their own people even if it means defeat.

Don't worry Marshal we shall say in their back pocket while sticking our finger up their ass. So far we have no need of artillery parks. Our tanks are so superior that the only thing slowing us down is finding fuel and the newer models breaking down. So far the imperialists cannot outrun us. We will use bikes if we have to comrade the will not separate from us.

Besides the only bombers in position are the British Lancasters and Lincolns and we have a few surprises should they try to bomb during the day like the Americans. Even our old fighters can give them a hard time just wait until they meet the newest generation. Thanks to our German "guests" we have some very interesting wonder weapons of our own.

And this one is.......?
It's all Greek to me!
Oh man Smitty that is bad.
Hey you hand me the lines. How can I resist?

Italian Front May 24th

What's that one of?
Italy you moron.
What's the date?
May 24th.

Friday, April 30, 2010

May 16th Map

Come on Bill you gotta quite bugging me. I'll lose my job and maybe my neck showing you this stuff. I'm not even supposed to look at it.

Stuff it Smitty you owe me for last week. Just hand it over and we'll call it even.

1 get to look for just a minute.

May 16th D+14 Butchers Bill

May 16th
Some where in West Germany
Command Vehicle
General Wiescoff 78th Infantry Division Commander
Captain give me that list of units. Let's see what have we got so far...Damn look at those least we're not alone.
9th Armored Division - no contact
#16 Group - over run - no contact
86th/162 Squadron - over run - no contact

63rd Infantry Division - no contact
14th Armored Division - Surrendered
87th Infantry Division - no contact
11th Armored Division - no contact
12th Armored Division - Surrendered
20% or less effective and pulled off the line
45th Inf Div
55th (West Lancashire) Inf Div
11th Armor Div
38th (Welsh) Inf Div
8th Armored Div
20th Armored Div
44th Inf Div
26th Inf Div
65th Inf Div
65th Inf Div
78th Inf Div
42nd Inf Div
13th Armor Div
66th Inf Div
1321 combat aircraft destroyed on the ground. 238 missing and presumed destroyed in air to air combat.
So what this is telling me is that 15 out of our 22 divisions are toast or getting resupplied. Luckily we have plenty of supply.

Jonsey make sure that after we are supplied we destroy the rest. We don't want to leave anything for Ivan to use. Remember they have a crap load of our lend lease equipement that can use our parts and ammo. There have been rumors of crop failures in the Ukraine so burn the food too. We have to do a scorched earth policy to some extent. I can't see driving the civilians out of their homes and taking their supplies besides we don't have the time or man power to do either. I guess the Reds are going to be sitting pretty living high on the hog eating our chocolate and C rations for a few months anyway.

Our orders are to get on the other side of the Rhine. Let's move out as soon as we top everything off and make contact with the enemy. We need to keep slowing him down as much as possible yet not get over run. Let's go people move it! Watch the flanks. Remember we have limited air cover...just enough to keep them Red bastards off our backs while we bug out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Air War May 14th, 1946


MAY 14, 1946

INDIVIDUAL COMBAT REPORT OF First Lieut. Richard Gardner

A. Mission No. 433, May 13th, 1946, 8th Fighter Squadron 9 P-38s

B. Escort A20s to Munster, West Germ

C. Time of attack: 0830/K Altitude, 8-10,000 feet

D. I was element leader in Blue flight an we took off at 0625/K to escort A20s to Munster. We circled at 6,000 ft. over the A20s while they strafed targets. At 0830/K we were intercepted by about 15 Yaks of the 9 type. They were above us at 11 o'clock. Two of them dove on me and I dove to lose them. I pulled up and climbed to 8,000 feet and make a 45 degree head-on pass at two Yaks with no observed results. Shot once at another on 90 degrees defection and missed. Peeled off to join 5 other P38s and a La7 jumped me from behind and put 5 shots into my airplane. I dove to lose him and picked up two Yaks about to make a pass at the A20s. I made a 45 degree deflection shot from the rear and above until he turned almost into me. It was a long burst and he slid off on one wing and crashed northwest of Munster

Two more Yaks chase me as I started for home and they finally gave up because they couldn't catch me. I left the area a 0925/K and joined the A20s and we came home and landed at 0955/K

E. I claim one Yak9, destroyed.

Richard Gardner
1st Lt., Air Corps

May 13th, 1946
17:03 hours

Somewhere in West Germany.

The Soviet forces are racing blindly towards the Low Countries and France. Germany is a blasted hulk not worthy of looting.

The so called NATO Allies have melted like a snowman in July. Recon says they are making a last stand across the little river in front of our forces.
We will slice through them like a hot knife through caviar.

We have destroyed most of their frontline fighters where they were parked so we don't expect much resistance.

Fly CAP over the IL10 as they deal with the puny allied armored forces. We must maintain complete air superiority for the attack to remain on schedule.
Your Yak is like a spear. Jam it into the heart of the enemy so they can no longer threaten Mother Russia again.

Lavrenti do this Lavernti to that, what do they think I'm a machine or something? Go get in you Yak for the third time today and clear the skies of capitalist flyboys. What is a flyboy anyway?...we are all men up here even the enemy. Check the fuel mixture you fool. Keep you head moving and keep looking. 2850 meters is good, not many clouds, keep looking there are supposed to be some Yankee bombers up here keep your eyes open wide, move you head, look over you shoulder. How many missions is this since this war started? Twelve I think. Almost one a day and now this third one today. Why me? Who did Tonton pay off? Why isn't he flying his third mission of the day? Who cares whether a few more bombs drop on the frontline? What harm would a few more do. Shit watch the temp gauge. Crap if I have to trim the flaps one more time...Damn Dmitri can't he keep this plane in even some kind of fighting condition. Jeese look at the cigarette burns on the tac. What kind of pig would smoke in a plane full of gas that has machine gun bullet holes in it? What an idiot. How has he stayed alive so long?

Wait what's that glint of metal near those clouds...there you are you Yankee pigs. Old Larenti will teach you to drop bombs on my little ground pounding friends. Look over here comrade Stetsky...can't you see me wiggling my wings? That's right look where I'm pointing you idiot not at me. There see them? Good now let's get the sun at our backs. Keep you eyes moving don't just stare at the bombers. Move you head, use those eyes. Where are the escorts. This is too easy. Where are the escorts? They have to be here somewhere. keep looking scan.. keep your head moving. Watch the distance. Check the guns, I love this Yak UT and this 37mm cannon. Just stay back and shoot them while they can't shoot you. Move in for the kill with the 20mm. Ah American A20 for a bomber this is going to be harder than it should be. Remember to squeeze the trigger. Don't jerk it. Ready. Ready. Shit the engine is over heating. Damn closing too fast.

What was that flash?..ESCORTS! P38s making a pass. Hit oh god I'm hit. Is there a God? Controls won't respond...pull you son of a bitch pull. Why won't my arm work? ...bleeding like a stuck pig. Tired...Pull Pull...It's always the one you don't see. Why didn't I check one more time? Oh now comes the pain. Can't move my arm. Getting weaker. Can't keep my eyes open.............................

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What we know so far

May, 16, 1946
White House Map Room
Present the Joint Chiefs of Staff and President Truman

Mr. President if we may get started? Thank you Sir.

We have a pretty good handle of the size of the Soviet forces and their expected plan of attack. We acquired some information from a source in Poland. We have no specifics but can speak in overall numbers of divisions. This will make it simpler anyway as the Soviets have a different organizational system. Their armies are not equivalent to our armies etc. We do share a common military unit and that is the division so all our estimates will be giving in divisions.

The overall forces we face in Western Europe are 60 well equipped, full strength divisions. Another 25 second line divisions are expected from the satellite countries such as Hungry, Romania, Bulgaria etc. More about them later.

We have reason to believe that 35 divisions are designated for the initial push into the heart of Western Europe initially heading for Paris as their focal point. At strategic times division size units will peel off and invest certain key points such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp but most of the 35 divisions will continue through the heartland of Germany, the low countries and France. Once Paris is taken they will again spit off and go for Le Havre, Brest etc. and end up at the French/Spanish border.

Another 15 divisions will head towards the Maginot Line Southeast of Luxembourg and head towards Lorraine, Dijon and split for the Lyon and Marcelle while the others go towards Toulouse and the Spanish border.

Another 5 divisions are slated to head towards Bavaria from Czechoslovakia and continue to Strasbourg and at least make a demonstration at the Swiz France border. It appears that Stalin will decide then whether to attack Switzerland or to try to intimidate them.

5 more divisions are going to Copenhagen and from there towards Sweden and Norway. The Finns are expected to fold without a fight.

Their newly acquired satellite nations are expected to take out Italy and Greece. Romania, Bulgarian units will take on Greece. The Czechoslovakians, Yugoslavians, Hungarians and Austrians will go for Italy. Their initial attack will be with about 25 divisions but they can provide up to 85.

The Poles and East Germans will be used for garrison duties and anti resistance work from all reports.

We do not know at this point any of the commanders involved but if history is any indicator it will be a pretty stand up fight with no fancy footwork no matter who is involved. Manuver is not one of the Soviets usual strong points. Normally they pin you down swarm around you and hammer you to death. Since the Germans had orders to not retreat an inch this worked pretty well against them. We have been hit hard and have had to give up lots of territory but so far we have a coherant defensive line. It's very weak but we are throwing jabs as we back up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

NATO Formed

May 13th, 1946
3:34pm London England

In an unprecedented announcement not heard since the start of World War Two the Western nations have formed an alliance called N.A.T.O. which stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The purpose of this organization is as follows...

"The Parties of NATO agreed that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all. Consequently they agree that the armed attack by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and it's allies will cause each, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence, to assist the Party or Parties being attacked, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area."

United States, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Iceland are the initial signatories with Greece and Turkey expressing interest at the highest levels.

It is felt that the unmatched barbarity of the Soviet attacks forced these diverse nations to unite in haste without the usual diplomatic discourse.

NATOs spiritual leader Winston Churchill remarked, "If the Western nations lay down their weapons, the Soviets would occupy all of East, West and Southeast Europe along with the greater part of the world. An iron curtain would fall over this enormous territory controlled by the Soviet Union, behind which nations would be slaughtered (my apologies to Goebbels)."