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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Occupational Therapy

So what do you think of the plan for controlling our "comrades" in arms Nikandr? Checks and balances, divide and conquer, keep your friends close but your enemies closer, no?.

It looks good Nikolai. You have the Poles watching the East Germans and the East Germans watching the Czechs and the Czechs watching the etc. The Ukrainians watching everyone and the us occupying the Ukraine. It should work. They distrust each other enough to make it so they will have no compunction about following regulations and stopping sabotage yet they will not be so ruthless knowing that their families are under similar occupation from an equally ruthless enemy. I think it is brilliant. Use their distrust of each other to keep each other from bothering their comrades who are at the front. Divide and conquer. Very well played Nikolai.

There will be virtually no men who are not at the front or working on the communal farms or watching for saboteurs and none of them will be home for very long. Any male caught outside of his duty station will be thrown in prison and on his way to the gulag. It will be possible to keep track of everyone for the next year anyway. Things will start to breakdown after that but in the mean time it will work.

Your "no mans land" along supply routes will help also. Anyone caught in the zone will be shot and the closest community will suffer and all routes policed by ethnic enemies who will not hesitate to shoot. It's all quite fantastically sinister and it should work. Not much chance of bribery since no-ones speaks the same language or trust each other. Where you do have problems you make examples of the occupying troops by punishing them and their loved ones back home along with the surrounding communities.

Well it's working so far. We will have to constantly rotate commands so that they do not form attachments. It is a good place to use the commissars as well. Keep them off our backs. They can command the occupation forces and teach the proletariat at the same time. One of the keys it to keep the troops rotating on an erratic time schedule. Different commanders and non-coms do thing differently despite regulations so there is little chance that patterns can be formed and used against you.

Part of their duties is to work on the communal farms and how well they produce determines how well their families eat back home.

Sounds like Capitalism Nikolai. You better be careful.

It works well that you actually let the troops go on leave back to their homes every 6 months. It gives them something to look forward to and reminds them of all they have to lose if they fail in their duties. It's good to have them look into the eyes of their loved ones less they forget how they will suffer should they aide saboteurs and rebels. Not only they will die but all of their loved ones back home will too. Rotating only 25% at a time works well too. If one deserts they all pay so they keep track of each other. Plus they guard the trains and trucks both ways.

It's brilliant that you are using married men with children as well as the occupiers. They have more to lose than bachelors with old mothers and sisters.

We use the best troops at the front and leave the cowards to occupy their neighbors and all with Czechs and balances or Bulgarians if you prefer.

Ha good one Nikolai.

Damn it General their getting slaughtered...

Damn it General their getting slaughtered...we have to do something!

Mr. President we have to stick with the plan. If we feed out troops in piecemeal straight off the ships it will be like putting branches in a chipper. They'll just get eaten alive one by one. We have to wait till we have the Louisville Slugger ready and hit em when they come over the plate.

This is the hardest decision we will every make. I know right now it looks like we are abandoning our troops and all the people of the Europe but we have to stick to the plan. To do anything else would be suicide. At this point we can only get 1 or 2 divisions a week over to Europe. We need 5 full Corps to even hold the line against the Reds.

Damn it Bob the press is handing us our hat and kicking us out the door. They're printing story after story about how we're turning tail and giving up without a fight. How were just giving up and letting the Ruskies take over the world. We've got the Abomb for god's sake.

Sir we have to stay committed to making the plan work. I would suggest that we cannot change horses in mid-stream.

I know the press and world opinion is against us for now and calling us cowards. For the plan to work we have to maintain strict secrecy and a need to know only policy.

We can't even tell the Brits. We have overwhelming evidence that their is a mole or moles in the British leadership. Someone is feeding the Reds every move we make. The same is true for our atomic secrets. They know more about our Abombs than I do. They know full well that we can't just bomb them back to the stone age with what we've got.

Sir in just a few more weeks and we should have enough units in place to stop them. In the mean time we have to draw them in and keep em thinking that we're running scared. The trap is almost set in France. The Navy is almost into position to give them a big welcome we just have to keep them getting closer to the coast and not thinking about anything else. That's the key. Distract them from what is really going on.

Damn it I know the plan! It's just hell watching our boys getting the shit kicked out of them.

Don't worry sir our time will come to start kickin back

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just one more step

We have to keep moving Greta. You can always take one more step. You are thirteen today. This is not the day to meet the Red Army soldiers fact to face. You have to leave your toys behind and just keep moving.

But Papa I'm so tired. We have been walking for days. All I want to do is sleep. Please just a few moments rest.

We cannot stop! If we stop we will die. Your fear must over come your sleepiness. Keep moving. You can always take just one more step. Just one more step. Just one more. Another......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

June 6th, 1946
14:31 hours

Sergo come in and brief me. What have you done with all your scientists and intelligentsia I have given you over the months? Do we have the solutions you promised to counter the American B29?

Yes your excellency I believe we have. The only question is producing enough of the various weapons systems in time. I'm confident that the systems we have chosen will be able to make our losses bearable and will inflict heavy losses on the Americans and British. Again it is a matter of if we have enough time to produce them in the numbers required to cover enough of our strategic assets.

You let me worry about that. Our spys are feeding us with all the information we need. We will know when and where the large raids are going to be scheduled. This will give the army the time they need to re-base the planes and prepare the positions for the rockets you keep telling me about. To the Capitalist Pigs it will seem as though we have the entire motherland covered with an iron curtain. Everywhere they go the will run into fierce resistance.

I agree Comrade Stalin. If we can forecast where the first few targets of the raids will be we can set the trap. As far as the enemy knows it will be as if we have every possible area covered. If we have a week we can set up everything ahead of time and if our calculations are correct and the test are accurate we should be able to achieve 30% or more casualty rates. They will not be able to sustain that and will have to cancel their bombing campaign. The key is the NKVD and it agents.

I hope you are right Sergo. We have made a great gamble to secure the motherland for the following generations. If we can convince the Capitalist pigs that we have the means to defend ourselves in the short run from their terror weapons we can then make sure we have the means to defend our selves forever. They do not have the guts to meet us man to man on the battle field and will try to rely on their bombers to rain death and destruction down on us. They think they can do this with impunity. You, Sergo, have given us the chance to make even this threat too costly.

Thank you comrade Stalin. I am confident that our new weapons will work and will cause the enemy to have pause before they attack us from the skies.

One more thing Sergo. The British are planning a limited bombing raid in two weeks and we know the target. We will let this raid proceed without spoiling the surprise. We will let our conventional forces intercept the British bombers. We will save the big surprise for the arrogant Americans who think that their Super Fortress is unstoppable. From what I have been told you have used your time wisely and have made great use of the 3 B29 bombers that dropped into our laps.

Thank you comrade. We will not let the motherland be destroyed by the Capitalist terror weapons.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Like A Plague of Locusts

Come in Walter, come in. What can I do for you? Thank you for seeing me Carl. I know you're a busy man.

So what have you brought me?

Well take a look at this chocolate bar and tell me what you see.

Looks pretty ordinary to me. The wrapper is obviously poorly made Russian paper. Can I open it?

Of course.

The chocolate looks like it's been melted just enough to hide the lettering. Why... this is just Hershey's chocolate make to look like some Soviet product. Are they really that desperate?

That's right they are taking our supplies and making it look like they are made in the Soviet Union. They are doing the same with cigarettes and even Spam. They are actually opening the cans of Spam and re-canning it.

Why those sneaky sons of bitches.

This stuff is flooding the Soviet market places. They are stripping the territory they invaded of every consumer item they can find and repackaging it to make it look like it's made in the mother land. From the other reports we seen they're using our supplies to augment the Lend Lease equipment we have already given them.

What are they doing with the C-Rations?

They're giving them to the soldiers. They're not even hiding that. I guess it tastes so bad they don't care if the folks back home know where it came from. The spoils of war etc.

It's like a plague of locusts.

Capitalist Exploit German Workers

Capitalist Exploit German Workers
Victorious Red Army units find slave labor camps
June 3rd, 1946

Units of the 3rd Shock Army liberated a slave labor camp outside of Urmitz, United Germany. Rumors of Capitalist atrocities and the exploitation of European workers have been shown to be true. The camp was filled with "starving wretches chained to Yankee and Limey machines of profit." according to the disgusted liberators. We must push on and free the workers of the world from such cruel depredations perpetrated for profit.

Even the uneducated among us can understand what has happened and how the cruel Capitalist pigs have used war to further their thirst for power and gold. Workers of the world must unite with the Soviet government and Red Army to throw off the yoke of exploitation.

We urge the unwitting stooges and lackeys of the Capitalism to lay down their arms and join us in a glorious workers revolt against your oppressors
Workers of the world unite!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Reds Across the Rhine

Reds Across the Rhine
Soviet Pravda reports that Red Army units have crossed the Rhine in 3 locations.
By Rex Lemond
June 2nd, 1946
In an unusual communique the Soviet Government announced that it's units have crossed the vaunted Rhine River in West Germany. This was supposed to be where the newly minted NATO forces stopped the Red Armies units. It's width, old defensive works and lack of bridges where supposed to be insurmountable. It was thought that the Red Armies lack of amphibious assault equipment and expertise would make the Rhine a natural defensive line the would stop the Reds in their tracks.
According to Soviet sources this has not been the case and they claim to have found numerous bridges intact all along the river. It has been rumored that the speed of the Red Army's advance coupled with conflicting orders have led to at least 3 bridges not being destroyed. Two of these bridges were the temporary bridges ironically constructed by the US Army along with over 60 others.
"We just didn't have the manpower or communications to get the job done." stated a Major who would not identify himself. Reports pour in of Soviet tanks lined up like "on parade" crossing the Rhine.
The Soviet leaderships stated goal of preventing the B29 Super Fortress bomber from being based in Western Germany has long since been shown to be an excuse for the blatant conquest of Western Europe. The base was overrun the fist day of the surprise attack and yet the Red Army has continued to slaughter innocent non-combatants in it's quest for what appears to be world dominance.