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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

What the hell is De Gaulle doing?

What the hell is De Gaulle doing? Who authorized this? What is going on? He resigned for gods sake. He no longer has a post in the army. Why are they listening to him? This is ridiculous. This is a disaster for more than just France. Doesn't the idiot realize that? His little stunt will rip a hole in our lines that you can drive a Mac truck through. Does that stupid clown think we are really going to use an atomic bomb in France? The French and the rest of the world would hate us forever. The Brits might even pull out of the fight all together.

Well sir I guess he just has had enough. After spending all those years in England waiting to liberate his country and then to only see it free for a few gotta feel for the guy.

I don't give a rats ass for his feelings. His actions will kill a lot of people and not only Frenchmen. This could be a disaster in the making. Any ideas gentlemen on how we can rectify the situation?

Well sir it appears that De Gaulle and his rebel units are making their stand near the French border for both symbolic, political and practical reasons. It's easily defended from the the Soviet tanks and they are going to use some of the most historic battle grounds for his little drama. They are anchoring their right on the Maginot line defenses which are still intact and going to pivot South using the fortifications until he's surrounded.

He's counting on our support and is going to go down swinging. You know the French and their pride. They can be quite dramatic at times. Their history is full of futile and heroic stunts just like this. I kind of admire the guy myself.

Horse shit! How can we use this to our advantage? I need suggestions and I need them now!

Well sir we could possibly use this to further the Louisville Slugger operation.

How so? I would think that this would really mess it up and throw it out the window.

The Reds will see this as a huge hole in our lines and will come pouring through. If history is any guide they will then cut behind our lines and attempt to encircle us trapping as much personnel, equipment and supplies as they can. Just as they've done throughout the war so far. The key would be to make them swing wide enough to draw them in. Making them keep widening the net to trap more troops. Keep their attention of the coast and off us.

De Gaulle and his fanatics should be able to hold out at least a week, maybe more, slowing up the Soviet advance as they deal with the trapped French troops. They can't afford to leave a pissed off Frenchmen in their rear area. Plus it make for good headlines for the people back home. All those French troops surrendering makes for good propaganda films. This will slow up the advance towards the South.

We use the time to separate our forces and follow the plan Griddle presented by the JCS last month. Meanwhile the Brits get their act together and along with the French forces that are still in the fight, form around Le Havre just like we planned. Then we execute Louisville Slugger.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vive la France

Free French 1st Army HQ
Charles De Gaulle Speech to his troops
June 11, 1946

Our allies will call us fools. They are willing to give up our land so that they may fight again. We do not have that luxury

Their homes and families are not in danger from the boot of communism. They are not in danger of losing their freedom and honor once again to a petty dictator who hates all that France stands for. They will not have the iron curtain of suppression weighing down on them for generations. They will not have the dishonor of being a conquered people who did not fight.

Would the British just retreat from London without a fight? Would the Americans run to Mexico if they were invaded by Stalin and his henchmen? No, I think not and neither shall we.

I call on the Americans to use the atomic bomb. I would rather die than live under the boot of Stalin.

I call on all true Frenchmen to come to the aid of their country and French culture. Together we can make the invader from the East shed blood for every village and town they rape. We can make them pay to steal our freedom. We can make them pay for trying to take our honour.

Today we make our stand. Here is where we make it. Not one more meter of French soil will be given up without the stain of French blood. We will retreat no more. We will sacrifice our lives for the honour of France.

Vive La France!

Status Report 6/9/46

Map Room
White House
Joint Chiefs of Staff
June 9, 1946

Are you going to be able to do this in time Admiral?

It will be tight sir but we can pull it off. We will have to count on the air umbrella provided by not only our own resources but also the Brits. We should be able to concentrate on the Big Guns and not worry about air attacks. So far the Soviets have shown no signs of Kamikaze behavior and we expect no such activity.

How are we coming in getting our new jets into the fight General?

We are moving units to England as fast as possible. We don't want to commit them piecemeal. We will be doing limited operations over strategically important objective but the tactical stuff will still be up to the prop jobs. The Reds have so many planes in the air that we don't want our new jets to be wasted going low and slow and swarmed by Yaks.

It will be nice to see the Shooting Star in action finally.

Yes it's quite a plane. We should have had it much sooner but we were able to hit the German jets on the ground or when they were landing and taking off in 1945. Kind of similar to what would happen to our jets if we put them too close to the front lines in Germany or France.

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Revile Again for Some
Draft To Begin Again
June 8th, 1946

By Robert Nelson

In a not so surprising announcement before Congress, President Truman announce the renewal of the draft. As one senator put it "We knew it had to
be done".

The President called on all service men to re-enlist and promised increases in rank for those who did so voluntarily. Every returning veteran would get one advancement in rank if they volunteered for 2 more years of service.

The first round of draftees would be all eligible males who did not serve during WWII and are between the ages of 18 and 21.

Then the luck of the draw would fall next on those with least number of points as follows...

1. Service credit -- One point for each month of Army Service since 16 Sep 40. More than 15 days will be counted as a full month.

2. Overseas credit -- One point for each month served overseas since 16 Sep 40.

3. Parenthood credit -- Twelve points for each child under 18 up to a limit of three children.

4. Combat credit -- Five points for each award of combat decorations since 16 Sep 40.

Combat credits, the War Department said, will be based on awards of the Distinguished Service Cross, the Legion of Merit, the Silver Star, the Soldier's Medal, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal, Purple Heart and bronze service stars for participation in battle."

Former enlisted men up to the equivalent rank of Sergeant will receive double pay for the fist 6 months of active duty if they re-enlist within 30 days. Veterans with amphibious warfare training will receive and extra $300 signing bonus. Aviators will receive a $1000 signing bonus.