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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

From the diary of Yrjö Kallinen By Dan

June 10, 1946

Received an interesting telephone call from Defence Minister Torp of the Royal Norwegian government this afternoon.

It seems the actions of our Russian friends is concerning them as well. Marshal Mannerheim agrees that we should not make any official pact with the Norwegians, but that the sharing of intelligence is an imminently sensible idea.

Their act of good faith, sending the aerial photographs of the Murmansk Harbour tallies with the information we have received from our agents in our former territory. It's not a question of if, but when. I believe, and I think off the record most people do, that we should approach Sweden sooner rather than later. Timing will be the key with regards to this.

Video of Operation Louisville Slugger

The Case of Characters by Dan

Einar Gerhardsen - Norwegian Prime Minister
Oscar Torp - Norwegian Minister of Defense
Yrjö Kallinen - Finnish Minister of Defense
Per Albin Hansson - Swedish Prime Minister
Allan Vougt - Swedish Defense Minister
Östen Undén - Minister of Foreign affairs

Friday, June 4, 2010

War Diary of General Anton Lopatin, Commander, 1st Finnish front By Dan

06 June 1946

I, General Anton Ivanovch Lopatin hereby take command of the 1st Finnish front and issue the following orders: 13th Guards Division is to relocate to the Lenningrad Oblast effective immediate.

Stores will be supplied from the reserves of the Leningrad Oblast on the direct order of STAVKA.

13th Guards Division will constitute the cadre of 13th Guards Army on the direct order of STAVKA and will contain the following:
13th Guards - General Anton Lopatin Commanding
8th Guards - General Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov Commanding
3rd Air Army - General Lieutenant N. F. Papivin
208th Rifle - General Lieutenant K. M. Vysokoboinikov
23rd NKVD Destruction Battalion
73rd NKVD Destruction Battalion
93rd NKVD Destruction Battalion

Subject to approval by STAVKA, we will make our initial assault through the Karelian Peninsula using Vyborg as a forming up point and drive west to Helsinki and Espoo and holding a line from Lappeenranta, Luumaki, Kaipiainen, Kouvola, Huvinkaa, Karkkila and Salo.

Once Helsinki and Salo are liberated, a second drive from Murmansk will set out with it's aim to be Tromso, Norway. This will allow us to prosecute the war to liberate Finland and return it to the USSR, give us extended access to the North Sea and the Atlantic, and if required, begin a push into Sweden from the north as well as from the east through Finland.

It is aimed to have Stage 1, (the drive for Salo), complete no later than December 1st 1946 to allow secure wintering quarters before stage 2, (drive from Murmansk), and Stage 3, the complete Liberation of Finland beginning February 1947.

Orders for a general staff meeting of the 1st Finnish front have been issued to take place no later than 0730 tomorrow morning.

The Scandinavian Front By Dan

The Scandinavian Front By Dan

Please welcome Dan as a co-conspirator in this madness. If anyone else wants to join in please PM me and we can discuss it. Lots of things to do and lots of storylines to follow. I want this to be a collaborative effort.

We can have multiple stories going and there will be a website soon filled with these stories, videos, pictures, maps all within the Alternate History of World War Three in 1946.

The Scandinavian Front
By Dan

Personal Diary of General Anton Lopatin
04 June 1946

Have just returned from a meeting with STAVKA and have been appointed the commanding General of the 1st Finnish front. I have been assigned that thug Chuikov as my deputy. Just because the little dwarf made a good impression at STalingrad and was lucky enough to be there when the fascist told him about Hitler's death, all of a sudden, lah-di-fucking-dah he's good enough to be MY deputy. And if that wasn't enough, I'm lucky to be getting 13th Guards again, but the rest are to be made up of fucking rejects and failures. Why couldn't they have just sent me to count fucking trees and be done with it? At least I have my choices of attack route.

Through the Karrelian again looks the best option with a sweep from Murmansk will see after a night's sleep, my last for a while I guess - STAVKA wants this started by 1st August. At least it won't be another winter war.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Operation Louisville Slugger

June 20th, 1946
4:54 hours

English Channel 5km off of the French coast near Le Havre

The Soviets have pinned what they believe are the last surviving fighting units of the NATO forces in Western Europe in a 60 mile perimeter around Le Havre France. Assigned to the assault are 753 of the Soviets newest heavy tanks. Model Iosif Stalin 3s and T-44s are lined up tread to tread. 4623 guns, rocket launchers and mortars are ready to fire on command. 453,163 men are manning the guns and tanks or on foot. They are anxious to get it over with and start the assault.

Just over the horizon appears one of the grandest sights ever in naval history. The largest fleet of modern battleships ever assembled starts to come into view. Bow waves are visible as these creations of human ingenuity move through calm waters. They are on a mission. This mission means the destruction of tens of thousands of fellow human beings and their weapons.

Overhead the skies are filled with an umbrella of warplanes many of them coming from the over 20 fleet aircraft carriers combined into another great fleet who's task it is to guard the safety of the stately steel fortresses below. Over 600 naval fighters combine with 1203 land based fighters in a tightly choreographed display of military might. All of this power is concentrated in a 50 mile square patch of the English Channel.

This patch of concentrated power and combination of 16" and 14" naval artillery is highly mobile and ready to move where it is most needed firing it's salvos from over the horizon, seemingly coming from nowhere to wreak havoc and destruction on an unimaginable scale with accuracy no other weapons system could match.

According to an after action reports of Operation Neptune submitted by the German High Command after D-Day "a cruiser may be compared with a regiment of artillery. Battleships carrying 38 cm. or 40 cm. guns have a fire-power which to achieve in land warfare is difficult and only possible by an unusual concentration of very heavy batteries." Only a small number of railroad guns can match their size and range. There are over 450 of these guns moving at up to 15 knots.

Blinded by the air umbrella put up by the NATO forces the Soviet Tank Armies start their advance. Spotter planes cruise up and down the coast guarded by NATO fighters. The fist ranging salvos cause no concern among the Soviet Generals as they unleash their artillery blindly into the enemy’s enclave hoping to silence the artillery that remains in the opposition forces. The naval guns far out ranging the Soviet artillery guns and concern grows as the salvos from the massive 16" naval guns start to land far inland. Guns of unimaginable power and shells of massive proportions that have been waiting since the day they were assembled to do what they were designed to do.

Then the full salvos start. One hundred and six 16" guns from ships with the names of the USS Wisconsin, HMS Nelson, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, West Virginia, Alabama, South Dakota, Indiana, and Massachusetts landing almost in unison with unimaginable accuracy and carnage. One hundred and twenty 14" guns from ships named the Howe, Duke of York, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, California, Idaho and others add to the chorus with spotter planes directing their flight. 113 of the Soviet army's heaviest tanks are obliterated in the first two salvos. Dozens disappear with every salvo after.

Panic ensues and shell shocked Soviet troops and armor that are caught in the open run for cover. But there is no cover for miles. Miles of open ground offering no cover leaves thousands of the finest fighting men on earth with nowhere to escape. They stagger over terrain chosen by their tank commanders. Chosen for its lack of obstacles. Chosen for its lack of cover.

Their doom is sealed. All they can do is to await their appointment with death and dismemberment. They have no prepared bunkers, trenches, fox holes or even a place to hide. They are literally just waiting to become dead meat.

Out ranged and blind, the Soviet artillery parks are blow to piles of smoking debris. Many not even knowing what hit them. High explosive shells coming from out of nowhere ending their lives far from home.

The area outside the outskirts of Le Havre are instantly turned into an image of World War One's no-mans land. Giant craters filled with smoking and burning, flesh, fuel and steel strewn the landscape for miles and still the salvos continue.

Raining death an destruction on anything caught in the maelstrom of screaming steel and explosives. Each shell exploding with unimaginable force and destruction and leaving in their wake a massive crater full of death and dying.

The noise is indescribable. It is beyond comprehension. Never has such a concentrated and mobile force of human destruction rained down on other human beings with such accuracy. Never have 22 modern battleships joined together in a chorus of unimaginable destruction.

This display of firepower makes carpet bombing look like child's play. The shelling is done with pinpoint accuracy and it is constant at over 450 2000lb shells being fired per minute if needed. The salvos continue until there is nothing alive and nothing moving. Everything larger than a rat is dead or dying. It is horrific even to those who have perpetuated the slaughter. Even to those who hate the enemy with a white hot passion. Only an atom bomb can compare.

The salvos fall for only 36 minutes. That's all the time that is needed. In those 36 minutes 739 Soviet Heavy tanks were obliterated, 232,624 men are dead or casualties and 3542 guns, rocket launchers and mortars are destroyed.

Monday, May 31, 2010

45km from the English Channel

Between Paris and Le Havre
July 20th, 1946
Northern Group of Forces

I am worried Marshal Sokolovsky the Americans have disappeared from the front lines. We cannot penetrate past the air units of the capitalists and we are blind as to what lies south of us and along the French coast. It is a stalemate in the air war. We are blind to their intentions and can prevent their ground attack units from attacking but we are also blind and cannot use our Sturmoviks. We gave their bombers a bloody nose but they will be back. That was only the British. Where are the Americans?

Don't worry Filipp the Yankees are just the first in line to get on the boats. You've seen the newsreels and reports from England complaining about how the Americans are getting to go on the transports first. Our Southern flank is well guarded by the Western Group of Forces.

The 1st 2nd and 4th Guard Tank Armies are in position to overrun the last organized capitalist forces in Europe. We will not make the same mistakes the Nazis did.

We don't need the air forces to crush what forces remain trapped along the coast. We just need them to keep the enemies planes from disrupting our plans. We have stopped the air forces of the capitalists at every turn and as demonstrated our tanks are vastly superior. We shall cut them to pieces and use them for fish bait.

They are finished on European soil. It's time to look towards the oil in the Mideast. We don't need it but they do.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Number 10 Downing Street

London England
6:36 hours
July 19th

So the trap has been set and the bait is in position I presume.

Most certainly Prime Minister. It will be something to behold. It all depends on how aggressive the Reds are but from what we've seen they will blunder their way into it no matter what. The common soldier is more afraid of the commissars than he is of death it self. We expect them to come in fast and furious with everything they have. The only tip off might be the massive air umbrella we are going to put up but they should expect that being so close to England.

We have tricked the Slav before and I suspect this will do it again. Old Joe will be beside himself if this works and maybe the damage will be so great he will sack his commanders. They have done an excellent job so far by the way. They are worthy opponents as the Germans found out. I do love going up against a good adversary but war is war. We shall have to plant the seeds of doubt after the plan is carried out and make it look obvious what we had in mind all along so that Zhukov and gang look like fools for falling into so obvious a trap. Maybe even make it look like they were assisting us some how. Probably a far stretch but Joe is exceedingly paranoid and mentally unstable.

This should push him over the edge and possibly cause another purge thus depriving him of his best commanders once again. My major concern is making sure the bait can get out in time.

Don't worry sir we have everything well in hand and expect that the air cover over the area will prevent any interference with the evacuation of the rear guard. There are enough Frenchmen who no longer wish to retreat and do not want to leave France to make it convincing for quite a while. If all goes as planned it should be all over in a matter of hours and the Soviets will be so stunned that it will take days to react. And even then they will be very reluctant to get near the coast again. We estimate it will take 2 weeks for them to recover and discover exactly what happened.

Well Admiral even if they don't ride into the trap it will still hold their attention and keep their eye off the ball as the Yanks say and the rear guard will still get away to fight again. Old Joe thinks this will be his answer to Dunkirk but we shall make it his Charge of the Light Brigade.