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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Telegrams by Dan

From: Yrjö Kallinen, Ministry of Defence
To: Marshal Mannerhein Priority
July 5th 1946

30 miles from LeHavre, France

July 3rd, 1946
30 miles from LeHavre, France
HQ of the Northern Group of Forces
11:23 hours

Well Fillipi old Bagragramyan did his job as he was told and we now have Denmark to present to Stalin. It was very fortunate that it happened without how can he complain? What was done with few casualties, in a few days and it shuts the door on the toy boats of the British and American fleets. A new country joins the Soviet Republics in a matter of a week.

Well Marshal you have not received a command to report to Moscow so all must be well.

Yes it seems we have dodged a possible bullet. Stalin probably is thinking like I am that this was a major failure of Soviet air forces and that arrogant con man Novikov. If I had not been blind I would have avoided the whole affair. How can you not know that there is a massive fleet just off the coast. It was a ridiculous display of ineptitude.

Get that clown on the phone and find out what he is going to do about those boats so we can finish this phase of the operation and get those troops out of Paris. Paris and Soviet discipline do not go together well.

Official War Diary of General Anton Lopatin, 1st Finnish Front by Dan

July 3rd 1946

Confirmation from STAVKA has been recieved. The 1st Finnish front is to begin OPERATION NORTHERN STAR at 0230hrs July 10 1946. Readiness Orders will be issued to forward troops and combat stores are to be issued.

I am confident that the soldiers and airmen will do their duty and that the Commisars will do theirs.

The Dialectic ensures our success.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 3rd, 1946 by Dan


Dear Oscar,

Thank you for coming to see me yesterday.

As per our meeting, I will confirm the following: Reconnaissance flights are to continue. The British have offered to make good any losses from their surplus in return for sharing the results.
I authorise you to approach your Svierge and Suomi counterparts with regards to sharing intelligence on our Russian neighbours.

I agree that in the event that the Russians look to Suomi territory, the next blink of the eye will see them looking at ours. I will take this matter up with the Foreign minister as a matter of urgency.

Einar Gerhardsen
Office of the Prime Minister

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oslo - July 2nd, 1946 by Dan

Dear Prime Minister,
I enclose the reports we have received from the reconnaissance squadron we had previously tasked with keeping an eye on our Russian Neighbours. There is a significant build up around Murmansk, which as we've spoken of before is understandable in a time of war. However, rather than being the usual compliment of ice breakers and merchantmen, there seems to be a build up of heavy ships, suggesting a break out to the Atlantic.

As a side note, they also seem to have concentrated their entire amphibious compliment at Murmansk as well. While this isn't a significant threat I would recommend we advise our allies.

On a related subject, I strongly suggest that we speak with our neighbours as well. Suomi often has to deal with the unwanted attentions of our mutual neighbours and I doubt that they will respect Svierge neutrality either this time. Although neither will want to be dragged into the southern war, when self interest is at stake I think they may be a little more receptive.

I am, as ever, your faithful Servant,

Oscar Torp
Minister of Defence.

Official War Diary of General Anton Lopatin, 1st Finnish Front

July 1st 1946

Orders have been recieved from STAVKA to detatch the Porkkala Garrison from the 1st Finnish Front to occupation duty in Denmark. These orders have been passed on and the Denmark Occupation force are now on route to their new front.