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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Bridge
TF77 Flag Ship BB South Dakota
Operation Louisville Slugger
English Channel off LeHavre


What’s the story so far Captain?We’ve been alerted that the Soviets are making their move Admiral. Ground reports of over 1000 fighters and 30 heavy bombers vectoring in from the East Northeast from Brussels. Our radar has since pick up the bogies and this ain’t no drill sir! They are coming and they are coming in force. We have about 20 minutes before they hit us. It must be driving their fighters crazy escorting those heavies. They are virtually crawling towards us. I think a TBD can outrun em.

Alright you know what to do. Institute standing order 258 and get our CAP in the air. Remind all your flight leaders that under penalty of courts martial are they not to leave our air zone of control.

The Soviets are up to something and I think this heavy bomber attack is just a decoy and we will not be suckered. Do I make myself clear gentlemen!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hornets Nest

July 11, 1946
Dover, England

Radar picks up multiple incoming bogies from the east.

It appears that the Soviets are stirring up a hornets nest. Hundreds of fighters and medium bombers and 30 PE8 heavy bombers start to form over Brussels. It is clear a major effort is underway.

The weather is clear with temperatures in the low 70s F. The few clouds that appear seem to be spectators in what just might be the Battle for the English Channel.

Newspaper Headline July 10th, 1946 by Dan

(Arise People of Finland, the Red Bear comes)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TF77 Flag Ship BB South Dakota

Operation Louisville Slugger
English Channel off Le Havre
July 10th, 1946

Something’s up admiral we just got a message that the Soviets have moved dozens of long range bombers near Brussels. From the reports we have received these bombers appear to be the PE8s. From the intell we have these bombers are large, lumbering, virtually defenseless, heavy, level bombers. It appears they are getting them operational for some mission involving our battle group. They are being loaded with armor piercing 500 lb bombs.

Do you mean to tell me that these museum pieces are going to try and attack the fleet? Even if they somehow fought their way through our air cover the track record of attempting to level bomb maneuvering ships is less than abysmal. It sounds like virtual suicide to me.

Our planning team concurs with your assessment sir but I would suggest that we have to be prepared for all contingencies. Remember how we caught the Japs at Midway. By any measure we should have lost that one.

All right then let’s take no chances... Captain order the CAP to stay with the fleet, and under no circumstances are they to engage the heavy bombers. Your orders are to let the Army Air Corps and RAF deal with the heavy bombers outside of our operational area. We will let the Navy take care of the Navy if they somehow break through. I want a maximum effort on this once radar picks anything coming our way. Set up a plan to use even those ground based airfields to launch fighters when the time is needed. We may have a need to supplement our carriers CAP capabilities.

Yes Sir!

Draft an order to that effect and have it on my desk in 30 minutes. Get me NATO HQ and confirm that the air zone over the fleet will be the Navy’s responsibility. I want to reiterate that how don’t care how juicy the targets are we don’t want any interference within our airspace. We just don’t have the communications capability to control planes from the other services.


From: Soviet Ministry of Foreign AffairsTo: Karl Enckell, Foreign MinistryPriority: IMMEDIATE
Date: 10 JUL 1946

Pre-Invasion Speech by Dan

Men of the Soviet Armed Forces.

You have been selected to fight the fascist oppressors that have taken root in Finland.
Their aggression during the great patriotic war cause the deaths of tens of thousands of women and children in Lenningrad, and now they wish to do so again, thinking that they can take advantage of our distraction to the south.

We will teach the cowardly dogs that the Soviet Union will not accept such treachery, and we will liberate the workers from under the oppression of the fascist elite that denys them the true democracy of the Soviets. You have been well trained in this duty and the Soviet people know you will not let them down.

Go forward to your duty for the Motherland.

(excerpt from a pre-invasion speach given by NKVD Commisars attached to the Red Army and Red Airforce units at 0300hrs, 10th July, 1946)

Monday, July 19, 2010

HQ of the Northern Group of Forces

July 9th, 1946
30 miles from LeHavre, France
HQ of the Northern Group of Forces
08:23 hours

This is ridiculous! Unacceptable! Insulting! We need to push the capitalist armies into the sea. Why can’t the whole Soviet Air Force deal with a few ships. They have defeated every other force in their path, yet a few dozen boats and their air cover can prevent us from cleaning the European land mass of every visage of capitalist corruption.

Calm down Marshal Sokolovsky. There is a solution to the problem. You know that strange companion of Stalin…that Sergo? He has been working on the solution that we all want. Combing Soviet science and the Nazi genius for killing, a plan has been hatched that will cripple or sink one of more of the “boats” as you call them. That should convince the capitalist pigs to vacate the English Channel and leave France all together.

So this plan comes from Stalin himself?


That's very good. Do you know why Fillipi?...Of course you don''re an idiot. If the plan fails our necks are not in the noose. I want to nothing further about it so we can deny that it was our fault. We do not need another fiasco to add to the growing list. Believe me Fillipi If I have a fall from power so will everyone on my staff.

Understood Marshal.

Telephone Conversation by Dan

Marshall Mannerheim, we have the Soviet reply. They claim that their troops are there to welcome the Porkkala Garrison home and to prevent attacks on them by Finnish partisans. They demand we cease our provocative attacks immediately or, and I quote "the peace loving people of the Soviet Union will be forced to take defensive measures".

Calm yourself Carl, we knew this day would come. The only question we have is how long until they take their so called defensive action and invade. At least we know the Swedes and the Norwegians will not stand idly by.

But what shall we do Marshall?

Same as always Carl, we fight or we die.
(recorded excerpt of telephone conversation between Mar

Sunday, July 18, 2010

9th July 1946 by Dan

9th July 1946

Comrade Molotov, we have recieved a telegram from the Finnish minister for foreign affairs, he asks us to pull our forces back from the border claiming they are an undue provocation.

Well it shows they are not blind Yury. Have you sent the response I dictated last week for such a case?

Yes Comrade Commissar, they should be recieving it shortly.

Very well, I will inform STAVKA. It is good I suppose that this telegram has arrived so late. Thank you Yury, that will be all.