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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top Secret


August 17th , 1946
Special Meeting.
Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

Start: 0630
End: 0745

General W. Donovan
General J. Magruder
Mr. A. Dulles
Mr. F. Wisner
Mr. D. Chavez
Mr. J. Clark
Mr. W. Walsh
Ms. Michelle Ryan-notes.

GWD: Gentlemen, please take your seats, we need to get started. The President has finally decided to take concrete steps to stop communist infiltration of our government and nation. And he has given us a roll. First of all, I am sure everyone is aware of the suspected acts of industrial sabotage that have taken place across the north east these last 3 weeks. In none of those cases have we been able to prove they were committed by Soviet agents. The attack on Director Hoover changes that, we now have proof that US citizens are actively helping the communists. Gentlemen as many of you have noticed we have a new member of our team. Let me formally introduce Walter Walsh, he will be running the Counter-Espionage Division. Walter is a former member of the FBI, and served as a Marine in the Pacific during the war. Walter, please give your brief.
WW: Thank you, Sir. Good morning, gentlemen. As everyone knows 2 days ago seven gunmen attempted to assassinate FBI Director Hoover while he was on a trip to New York City. Hoover was shot twice it looks like he will live. With Hoover out of the loop, the FBI has been a lot more open, and forth coming with us. They have been more willing to share information. We now know that one of the gunmen was taken alive. The FBI has told us that at least 2 of the gunmen were active members of the Communist Party USA and that two others were known communist sympathizers. Two of the others were foreigner working in New York; one was a Puerto Rican, the other was Cuban. The gunman that survived seems to be more of a puzzle. Form what we know he wasn’t a member of any communist or other radical groups. He was a decorated veteran of the war, a church going family man from Rhode Island. He is now being held in a FBI owned building in Buffalo. I will be leaving with a team for Buffalo right after this meeting, to see if they will allow us to question him.
FW: Do we know what Hoover’s condition is? When will he be back on the job?
WW: It’s too soon to tell if or when he will return. My contacts at the FBI say he should recover but the doctors are not yet sure if he will walk again. Both bullets struck him in the lower back.
GWD: Ms Ryan, please remind me to send the Director some flowers later today. Walter please, cover the subject of Ms. Bentley.
WW: Yes, Sir. That is another piece of information that has just come to light. It seems Ms. Elizabeth Bentley is a soviet spy the FBI has had in custody sinse 1945. It looks like she became upset with the movement, walked into a FBI office and turned herself in. During questioning she named about 100 people as members of soviet spy networks in both the US and Britain. The FBI put a lot of the people on her list under surveillance in hopes of following the trail, but it didn’t work out. From what we are being told after the FBI passed the information on to the British, everything went quiet.

GWD: Sorry Walter, but this is a good place to interrupt. Gentlemen, the President has agreed with both me and the Joint Chiefs that the Russians have agents at high levels in the British Government. So please pass this throughout your divisions, but it is now official agency policy that no information is to be shared with any British or Canadian agencies or personnel without them first being vetted by my office. I know that we made many close friends among those people during the war, but for now this is the way we must work. Walter, do you have anything else for us?
WW: No, Sir.
GWD: All right, here is the point of this meeting. Gentleman, the President was briefed yesterday on this subject. Let me tell you, he was shocked to hear that the FBI didn’t tell anyone about a Soviet spy turning herself in almost a year before they attacked us. And when the Acting Director mentioned that she wasn’t the only one they had, President Truman became unglued. I have never seen the man so upset. I am not sure Mr. Hoover is going to have a job to come back to. The President ordered the acting FBI Director to share all information they have on Soviet espionage to us. So Walter you are going to be very busy soon.
With that said, President Truman late last night signed an executive order last night outlawing membership by any Federal government employee or military member in any group that advocates the overthrow of the American government. Also it requires all Federal employees and military members to submit to a loyalty program. The FBI has been charged with conduction background checks on all Federal Employee. Just like the military, we will be conducting our own checks. The President wants the holes plugged or heads will roll. This is serious Gentlemen; no one gets a pass on these checks. If any of you noticed that Mrs. Barrett isn’t here anymore there is a reason for that. Mrs. Barrett asked if we could find a job for her son, a very nice young man, wanted a job in the mail room, if I remember correctly. As it turned out he had visited Russia twice during the war, and was a member of the Communist Party. She is now longer with us. If we are not successful in stopping these leaks it may cost us the war. Walter brief all on the FBI’s Operation Red Light.
WW: Yes, sir. Gentleman starting at 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time today Agent of the FBI will begin seizing the offices and records of the Communist Party USA. At the same time that is happening, other Agents will begin arresting the all known current and former leaders of that group. Of course, our role is very limited in these operations, but we will have Officers observing with many of the FBI strike teams.
GWD: That is all for today. These new policies are going to be very hard on us all and I need all of you on the team. Thank you for coming so early. Frank, will you and Mr. Clark please remain behind.

(General Donovan, Frank Wisner, and John Clark remaining.)
GWD: Frank, did you speak with the gentlemen I asked you to?
FW: Yes sir, I arranged a meeting with associates of Mr. Lansky in Chicago. Who arranged for us to meet. He seemed receptive to our offer, but said he couldn’t speak for the others.
GWD: I spoke with the Attorney General, and Mr. Dewey they have both agreed to look the other way if this helps the war effort. Tell Mr. Lansky that it’s a go. But make sure he understands Havana is as close as Mr. Luciano comes and that if the labor unrest doesn’t stop the deal is off.
FW: Yes, Sir. I am going to New York tomorrow, to meet my ship to Sweden. I will get a message to him.
GWD: Good, cable me when those former Nazi E-boats we bought from the British arrive. Thank you Frank.
John, I had a visitor last week at the club who wanted to know if we could find a spot for one of his son. Normally, I’d tell Joe Kennedy to go to hell, but he already lost one son, so I agreed. I spoke with the Navy, and they are going to transfer his boy Robert to us for the duration of the war. Put him through the standard training package, then find a place for him.
JC: Yes sir.

Friday, November 12, 2010

But Sir

But sir you have to realize this might be a very appealing offer to some. Suppose they make it public? There could be a lot of pressure to take a close look at his offer.

I’ll be damn if I’ll kowtow to his demands. He’s dictating that we let all of Europe fall behind an Iron Curtain of slavery that is Stalinism, that we allow our own traitorous Communists free rein to undermine our democracy and that we assist him in opening up the world’s oceans to his navy. Is he mad!

Probably Sir Winston, but the alternative is equally unthinkable. If we don’t acquiesce to his demands then he threatens to unleash the largest air force ever seen against our island. Every city south of Leeds is within their range and we now know that they have jet bombers and jet fighters as well as thousands of conventional fighters and bombers. Not only that but he threatens to invade the Middle East, cut off our oil supplies and take over the Suez Canal. In addition if the Americans continue with their plan they will not be able to assist us. The great bulk of their air forces will be elsewhere carrying out their part of Plan Griddle.

It seems to me that another diminutive, bombastic dictator threatened much the same. The Americans were not available then. I see Stalin and Communism as an even greater threat then Hitler and the Nazism and he must be stopped. We fought then and we won. We shall have to repeat the effort once again.

If I may remind you sir you are not in power anymore and that decision is out of your hands. Stalin has given us 2 months to make a decision. He is counting on the masses rising and demanding that we sit this one out. They will argue that we did enough. We lost an empire. We are drained. The communists are gaining ground fast. Unless something changes we will run out of time.

Well Roger we shall see what we can do to change that dynamic.