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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Greek Salad with Italian Dressing

Washington D.C.
The Pentagon Lunch room

August 21st, 1946

Well Bill looks like we have confirmed reports of Soviet units joining the Bulgarians near the Greek border and the Yugoslavs on the Italian border and there are units of both Romanian and Czech armies in support roles as well.

Yeah I heard that the Yugoslavians are more than ready to invade Italy. According to our ambassador their hatred for the Italians goes way back and they are more than willing to seek revenge for past real and imagined transgressions. This Tito fellow seems pretty upset about something the recent Italian government did to him. It had something to do with the Ustashe and their rain of terror in Croatia. Anyway he’s raring to go in order to show off for Stalin. He wants Italy to pay big time.

From what I heard this could get real ugly for the Italians. They will have to fight the Soviets and Yugoslavians as well as their own Communist Party who will constantly be asking for peace and trying to harm the war effort.

Our estimates are that the new Italian government will last only a matter of weeks before they surrender.

The same is true in Greece. The combination of Red Army training and equipment and Bulgarian hatred will be hard to stop. Let’s hope that the Reds do something to piss off Greek Commies and they decide to fight for king and country instead of for some economic system.

I was reading about just this the other day and the article I read said that there is no love loss between the Greeks and Bulgarians since the 20s. This historian was boring me with all sorts of stories about these ridiculous border disputes about stray dogs and a massacre. All the kind of normal ethnic crap that goes on in the Balkans. Anyway they’re ready to impress Stalin as well and to take on their old enemy Greece.

I worked on the estimates for the Major on just this scenario. It does not look very good for the Greeks in a war with Soviet backed troops either. This could get very ugly in the Balkans once again.

Hey is that Pecan Pie? Where'd you get that?