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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

OOB Southern Finland by Mad Missouri

War Diary of General Anton Lopatin, Commander, 1st Finnish front By MM
06 September 1946

I, General Anton Ivanovch Lopatin Commanding General of the 1st Finnish front and certify the following to be true:

As of the date of this entry the 1st Finnish Front reports that it is made up of the following category units:

Front HQ Brigade, Vyborg -

13th Guards Army: in combat in southern Finland

13th Guards Rifle Corps
23rd Guards Rifle Division (A)
25th Guards Rifle Division (A)
56th Guards Rifle Division (A)

208th Rifle Corps
320th Rifle Division (C)
324th Rifle Division (C)
267th Rifle Division (C)

41th Rifle Corps
72nd Rifle Division (C)
75th Rifle Division (C)
87th Rifle Division (C)

108th Rifle Corps
230th Rifle Division (C)
234th Rifle Division (C)
134th Rifle Division (C)

17th Cavalry Corps
13th Cavalry Division (C)
29th Cavalry Division (C)
34th Cavalry Division (C)

65th Tank Corps (A)

34th Tank Corps (A)

7th Breakthrough Artillery Division (A)

67th AA Division (A)

23rd NKVD Railroad Security Division

21st NKVD Convoy Forces Sercurity Division

73rd NKVD Convoy Forces Security Division

93rd NKVD Rifle Division

63rd NKVD Rifle Division

8th Guards Army: in reserve in Murmansk

8th Guards Rifle Corps
12th Guards Rifle Division (A)
15th Guards Rifle Division (A)
24th Guards Rifle Division (A)

85th Rifle Corps
90th Rifle Division (B)
91st Rifle Division (B)
80th Rifle Division (B)

109th Rifle Corps
110th Rifle Division (C)
113th Rifle Division (C)
115th Rifle Division (C)

41st Tank Corps (A)

30th Breakthrough Artillery Division (A)

36th AA Division (A)

14th NKVD Rifle Division

24th NKVD Convoy Forces Security Division

11th NKVD Convoy Forces Security Division

3rd Air Army:

80th Fighter Air Division

63rd Fighter Air Division

23rd Fighter Air Division

8th Bombardment Air Division

61st Assault Air Division

8th light bombardment Air Division

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