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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yanks Talk Toulouse

September 1st. 1946
USAAF Air Force HQ
London England

Huge maps covering all of Western Europe and Western USSR cover the walls and huge tables. A scene familiar to all who have watched a WWII movie on air operations.

Two officers are engaged in a heated debate.

Let’s take this into my office shall we? Alright now settle down and tell me what this is all about.

It’s just that we don’t know who we can trust and bringing the Brits on this will only broaden the possible leaks. You know full well how screwed up the Leningrad raid was. All those wild stories about guided missiles and such. Ridiculous and now you want us to let them fly along and include them on the Toulouse raid. It just doesn’t make any sense sir at this late date.

Listen to me and listen good. We have to nice with them or they will get their nose out of joint. It’s only 4 days till the attack what can they do to mess it up? They are only asking to include some recon flights with movie camera operators to catch the whole raid from start to finish. You never know they might just gain some useful knowledge. I’ve heard they will be taking shots of everything from soup to nuts. Besides they already know all about our plans anyway.

It’s just a pain in the ass to have to inform them of all the details.

If we expect them to hang in there and stay with out while fighting the second Battle of Britain we have learn to work together again and to trust one another. Say have you seen those photos of the Russian rocket sites popping up all over the place. Amazing how fast they have been able to produce all those supposed ground to air missiles. Quite fishy if you ask me. Our Intel says their industrial capacity is not up to the task yet here they are.

You don’t actually believe that nonsense about them having guided missiles do you commander? How could they possibly …

The Germans had a missile called the Wasserfall that was said to be almost operational. Albert Speer was most adamant on their ability to stop our bombers cold if he would have been allowed to produce them but Hitler wanted more offensive minded weapons and pretty much stopped the program. The Red Army did overrun their staging area near the end of the war. We’ve been assured by our wizards that they can jam anything the Soviets can shoot at us. Besides how could they have them near Toulouse in time for our raid.

How many Brits are we expected to have along with us Sir?

The want a full flight of recon aircraft to document our … er progress. Good luck and put on a good show for the Limeys. Show em how to kick ass.

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