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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toulouse Report 8th Army Air Corps

Sept. 5th . 1946
16:23 hours
8th Air Corps HQ

Gentlemen listen up. What’s the short version Norm?

Well sir we accomplished our mission but with unacceptable losses?

Give me the bad news first.

We lost 216 aircraft out of 800. Most were bombers. 109 where shot down outright. Another 26 were damaged beyond repair. We lost 66 fighters out of 300. Another 15 are write offs. The most damaging part was those damn missiles that seemed to target our lead bombers. Almost every flight leader was targeted with many of them being hit. It appears to be a conscious effort by the Reds to bring down the pathfinders and leadership of the raid. So even though we estimate around 30 ground to air missiles were fired only 12 or so actually hit anything but what they hit was our flight leaders. Of the hundreds of air to air missiles fired by the medium bombers and a few heavy Pe 8s and again a very small percentage hit but what they hit was devastating to the raids leadership.

Is that it for the bad news?

Yes Sir.

Alright lets hear the good.

We accomplished our mission. Despite being outnumbered and those hellish directed missiles Toulouse was heavily damaged and their supplies, railroad rolling stock and switching yard are totally destroyed. As I said the mission was accomplished. We also gave as good as we got. We estimate that out of 1000 enemy fighters, medium bombers and the Pe 8s 250 were shot down.

Yes but at what cost? We can’t afford many more “victories” like that. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they had very heavy anti-air and fighter assets in the area. After all it is within spitting distance to the Pyrenees. I can’t say I’m looking forward to writing all those letters to the families of the Flight Leaders.

I can’t say I envy that part of your job.

Thanks Bill. Gentleman what other things are on the agenda?

Sir if I may ask a question?

Yes Bob. We’re all friends here.

Why was this raid done with B17s and not 29s? I would think that our losses would have been much less.

That’s a good question Bob and one that I really shouldn’t answer in this meeting. But what the hell there will be a formal announcement soon so I’ll let my HQ Staff hear it first. There is a new component of the US Army being formed. The strategic arm of the Army Air Forces will become the Strategic Air Command and become a forth autonomous force within the US Army. That leaves the Army Air Forces with all it’s tactical air assets in place. For now fighter bomber, interdiction, fighter sweeps, close air support, local air superiority and such will stay with the Army Air Forces. Strategic bombing against the enemies infrastructure will be handled by the new Strategic Air Command or SAC. They have been assigned the B29 groups and most of the long range fighter and jet aircraft for escorts. They are separating themselves as we speak and setting up shop in their new offices in the Pentagon. They are being highly selective in their personnel and you may or may not be asked to join or to stay with the Army Air Forces. Much of this will depend on rather intrusive background checks from what I understand. So whether or not you are chosen depends upon what your neighbors, close friends, relatives, third grade teacher and nanny have to say about you. It seems that this background check and not your competence will be the determining factor.

That’ a lot to digest General. Why the sudden decision?

From what I understand it is felt that a new fresh set of eyes, ears and tight lips, if you catch my drift, are needed to solve our strategic bombing problems. I caution everyone of you…If any word of what I just said reaches any one outside of this room our military careers and possibly our freedom will come to an end. This is considered highly classified and you 10 are the only ones I trust with this information. This is not to be mentioned again until any official announcement is made. So unless you are being transferred to SAC you will not be seeing the B29 in action. They will be using different facilities and supply chains etc. It’s all designed to compartmentalize the operation and to keep loose lips from sinking …er … you get the picture.

Are we suspected of being commies Sir!

Well son the top brass is not taking chances. We need to shut down the leaks and we need to do it now. Our losses are unsustainable and way out or whack compared to the Brits so there is something rotten in Denmark and this will hopefully solve the problems. If you are not asked to join SAC then I would consider talking to your nanny and find out what she has been saying about you. That’s all gentleman it is out of my hands. Good luck.

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