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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forward Observations

September 8th, 1946
The Pyrenees Line near Sarrance, France
Lt. Arthur Smyth
936th Field Artillery Battalion

Personal observations of an FO

Man those bastards just don’t give up. I’m watching this Red platoon being just hammered on the next hill over. I mean arty, napalm, small arms, mortars and I think even a few rocks have been thrown at them. Yet every time there’s a break in the attack they poke their heads up just to give us the finger. These are tough guys. Once they take a position they hang on till their all dead or incapacitated. The few times we’ve been able to counter attack with success all we find are bodies.

Luckily the Spanish are proving to be fast learners and have the added motivation that they are fighting for their homeland. Powerful motivation for any man but these Spanish seem to be even more motivated than the other units. I guess they saw what happened the last time they fought Commies. The Free French and low country folks are proving to be stubborn as hell also. I guess you can just push a man so far before he fights like there is no tomorrow and that’s where they are.

Quite frankly the Brits and US troops are fighting almost as hard but luckily much smarter. We are using maneuver and firepower to cut down on losses. I don’t know if we could sustain the casualties for as long as the Reds have. They sure do die hard. Supply seems to no longer be a problem but manpower still is. It’s looking like when they rotate out a US unit it gets replaced by a Spanish or some other unit. I have a feeling that this spring is going to very interesting.

Too bad those Ruskies are used to winter fighting. It will get cold here but nothing like around Moscow. I have to hand it to the Joint Chiefs or who every hatched this plan. You couldn’t ask for a better defensive position than the Pyrenees. We got plenty of room to move just behind the mountains yet there are only a few passes that they can really attack and now that the Navy has the flanks shut down we have a real fighting chance.

Unfortunately my guess is that these mountains are going to slow us up when it comes time to counter attack. I sure hope the guys with all the spaghetti on their shoulders keeps that in mind. I have no desire to fight my way through these mountains like the Reds have done.

I heard we hit their main supply at Toulouse with a carpet bomb attack. About time that the fly boys got involved. You sure don’t seem much of them down low here. I guess all those contrails overhead mean that they’re fighting and dying up there. We could use more of them down here if I had my way. I guess they have to take the high ground before they can do much ground pounding. Pretty different than fighting the krauts. There we had pretty much a free rein. It’s a little harder flying low and slow when there are guys looking to fry your ass that are high and fast.

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