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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, March 25, 2011

I Hate Forests by Mad Missouri

2 Kilometers east of Karrbacka, Finland
September 11th, 1946

The 1st Finnish Front Deputy Commander General Chuikov has been slowly working its way towards the city of Porvoo over the last 5 hours. His command vehicle is in a convoy of 10 heavily armed armored cars and halftracks. That command vehicle is a lead lease M3 halftrack that the Generals aid had heavily modified with extra armor, machine guns, and radios.

The co-driver swings his dual mounted 12.7 mm Dshk heavy machine guns towards the burned out hulk of a fuel truck.

He yells out, “Comrade Major, there is another one coming up about 100 meters on our right”

The General raises his head to look over the armored side of his command halftrack.

“How many does that make?” asks General Chuikov.

The General's aid gazes at his notebook “75 so far, Comrade General.”

“Is that from the border, Major?” asks the General.

“No Comrade General that is 75 from Louiisa. The number is 305 from the border. And please General stop lifting your head over the side.” replies the Major

The General sighs, “Damn, 305 destroyed trucks on just the roads we have traveled. Who knows how many have been lost throughout the whole front? That bastard Lopatin is lying; this is no operational pause. The damn Finns are starving our units of supplies. No wonder the advance has been stalled for the last 2 weeks. What unit will we visit next?”

The Major looks at his notebook and his map, “There are two units in the next village; one is a vehicle repair unit the other the 208th Rifle Corps hospital. If what General Lopatin’s staff was able to tell me is correct, which I doubt, they are co-located in the same camp.”

The General chuckles, “Now, now Major. You can’t blame Lopatin’s staff for this mess.”

“They are at best cowards, Comrade General. We have been in battle with the Finns for 2 months now and none of them have visited the front lines. Driver, why are we slowing?” the Major yells.

The main body of the convoy stops about 200 yards before a sharp bend in the road, while the 2 BA-64 armored cars of the recon element stop and moves to take an over watch position coving the fallen trees.

The co-driver swings his weapons to cover the right side of the vehicle. He then looks back into the troop compartment, “The lead element has reported over the radio that the road is blocked about 300 meters past the next bend, Comrade Major.”

The Major grabs a submachine gun from under his seat, “Damn. Sergeant Baikov radio Senior Lieutenant Dyalov in vehicle 5, tell him to move to the front of the convoy and remove that road block. Also radio vehicle 3 and tell them to be ready. Then radio the signal to all vehicles to prepare to drive through the ambush. No one stops. Now general you will see the value of mounting that naval DShKM-4 mount on that halftrack.” The Major hands the submachine gun to the general, “Here Comrade General, you remember how to use one of these? That German peashooter you carry will not do you any good in an ambush”

The General takes the weapon. He looks at the Major and laughs, “Of course, I remember how to use one, you young fool! And you know damn well I took that PPK pistol off a Nazi General in Prague.” Still smiling the General inserts a magazine, “And if your remember nephew, I never doubted your idea to get those naval mounts. It was the 4 SU-76 that you wanted that I said no to!”

The Major stands and loads a belt of ammunition into the side mounted SG-43 7.62 machine gun then trains it to cover the left side of the vehicle. Smiling he looks at the general, “Of course uncle, just remember to keep your head down. Dad says he will kill me if anything happens to his favorite little brother. Oh, and be ready to pass me another belt.”

“Comrade Major, vehicle 5 reports they have arrived at the road block. They are hooking chains to the trees and plan on pulling them to the side. Also Comrade, all vehicles report they are ready to go.” yells the radio operator.

The Major lifts his TT-33 pistol, racks the slide to the rear to chamber a round and re-holsters. He “Very well Comrade Sergeant, send out the signal. No one stops we drive through.” He grabs the handle of the SG-43 machinegun and aims into the trees, “I hate forests.”

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