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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Regina Marina Base by Mad Missouri

Battleship Giulio Cesare
Regia Marina base
Augusta, Sicily
September 10th, 1946

Excuse me, Admiral. We have received a telegram from Rome. The replacement Russian team will be arriving tomorrow night. The transfer date is still the same.

So we are still required to turn our ship over to the Russians on the 25th, and I am ordered to retire the next day. The Russian have demanded all senior officers that served during the fascist era be removed. Did we ever find out what happened to the first group, Lieutenant?

Yes, Sir. The wreckage of an aircraft matching the type they were on was found by a fishing boat 4 days ago.


We believe so, Sir. The NATO blockade is finally starting to tighten. But there wasn’t really enough wreckage recovered to be sure.

What is that? Are those aircraft?

Yes, Sir. They are NATO reconnaissance aircraft out of Malta. So far they have made regular daily flights over most of our naval bases. They also have picket submarines and destroyers patrolling to make sure none of our ships leave port.

But they allow the fishing ships to leave?

Yes, Sir. NATO made it clear that they did not want our people to suffer.

What a noble statement; yet they cut of the food shipments from the UNRRA.

That is true, Sir. But they also cut the UNRRA food aid to the Yugoslavians. While we will all get thinner this winter, the Yugoslav are now starving.

Good, let those bastards starve. Take Trieste will they. We will not forget that insult.

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