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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Too Far? by Mad Missouri

ber 9th , 1946
Special Meeting.
Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

Start: 0630
End: 0700

General W. Donovan
Mr. A. Dulles
Mr. D. Chavez
Mr. J. Clark
Ms. Michelle Ryan-notes.

GWD: Well? Explain what happened. How did this get out of control?

DC: General, nothing has gotten out of control.

GWD: What? Colonel, so far there are over 50 bodies being found all over the east coast!

DC: Sir, nothing is out of control. Each of those bodies was an enemy of the United States. This isn’t the last war; our enemy is not the incompetent nazis. The Russians have been building networks here from at least the 1920. They have all levels of our society, military and government penetrated. We cannot pretend this is a gentlemen’s war. You told us to take off the gloves. What did you think was going to happen?

AD: Colonel, you are out of line. Sorry General, but he is correct these things needed to be done. General, the Russians are more dangerous than anything we have ever faced. If we are to save our way of life we have to match the Russians in ruthlessness.

GWD: Allen, one of those killed was a British diplomat. If the British find out who was responsible…

AD: They will never find out. After we found out what happened we made sure nothing pointed to us. Even the FBI has found that the Brit was the victim of a gang crime. Everything the FBI found points to an Irish gang out of Boston.
It was an unfortunate mistake; Mr. Burgess was not the target of the operation. The subject was a member of the Cuban Embassy delegation. We had Mr.López Famosa y Fernández under surveillance for over a month. There is no doubt the Cuban was carrying information for the Russians out of the county.
GWD: I have no problem with the Cuban. But why wasn’t the operation cancelled when the Brit showed up?
DC: Well Sir, that was because we had been farming that type of work out. The contractor on that job failed to follow his instructions. I argued against using the dagos, but was overruled. Thankfully we have now moved all operations of that type to in house teams.

AD: One thing we are looked into was why Mr. Burgess was meetings with the Cuban that evening. So far it looks like he had regular meetings with the Cuban; 6 times this month alone. I think that is a little odd. We have a team in London looking into Mr. Burgess.

GWD: That’s enough. I have a meeting with the President to prepare for. I don’t want any more information on these operations. Allen you run them.
John, what’s the status on the Germans?

JC: Sir, they left yesterday for Iceland. They will meet Wisner and the carpetbagger aircraft there.

GWD: Very well, that will be all.

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