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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toulouse - Soviet View

Come in and report Nicolai.

Yes Sir. We shot down over 180 bombers and 111 of NATOs fighters comrade. Toulouse was destroyed and the few remaining supplies and units were destroyed as well.

So everything went well then?

Yes comrade our ground to air missiles performed as expected. We were able to use the wire guided system to allow the missiles to close upon the lead bombers in each group. Then the internal system took over. Our hit ratio was not inspirational but what they destroyed was very significant. Most of their lead bombers and path finders where destroyed.

I have other reports Nicolai that have much lower figures of enemy aircraft destroyed comrade. What do you say to that?

I only have the reports from the pilots, anti aircraft guns and missile sites to base my report on sir.

Ha. Those reports are always too large. Well the main point of the plan was to let the bombers destroy what they think are tons of supplies and to demonstrate that we can cover every little insignificant area with our missiles and fighter as well as AA fire.

Again sir the majority of the enemy’s losses were accomplished by our brave fighter pilots. The missile units were more of a scalpel aimed at the leadership of the bomber forces. If you hit the head the body will follow as our boxing instructor always told us.

Enough of your babble Nicolai. I saw from my vantage point some pretty large explosions exactly what did we leave behind to cause such fireworks?

Strategically placed gasoline barrels, worn out tires and worn out equipment. Much like the movies comrade. Much of it was for show. Lots of explosions and smoke designed to convince the enemy that they had done their job. The men left behind were the penal units and the civilians so there will be bodies for their spies to observe. The power of the pattern bombing is a sight to behold. I’m glad it was not done on one of our frontline units. Casualties were high among the penal units and civilians.

Maybe the French will start to get angry at NATO for bombing all their cities. I read a report that over 20,000 French civilians were killed in the bombing and shelling before their D-Day. Amazing that they still fight us.

Some bad new comrade. A stray American bomber let his bombs go off target and that they hit the Ground Missile Site #4... Sir I’m sorry to inform you that your son was killed along with Maior Shumilov. My condolences.

Ah Nicolai … very bad news indeed… leave me for a while please…

Of course comrade.

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