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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Weasel and the Boxer

September 10th, 1946
Gorky Park
Bench 287

The leaves are stating to turn and the air is full of the smells of fall. Two lone figures sit on the bench in animated conversation. It is clear from their manner that this conversation is not to be overheard. Not far away agents of the NKVD are stationed to keep roving eyes and ears out of range.

One of the debaters is a big man with big features. You would have no trouble seeing the former heavy weight boxer he was . He is not a figure who blends in well in a crowd. He is also not the type of person that you can ignore. Yet his advice is being ignored.

In contrast the other is a weasel of a man. Small close set eyes and fast movements with extreme hand gestures that distract most people from listening to what he has to say. Over the years he has climbed his way through the Communist Party leadership. What he lacks in physical stature he more than compensates for in political stature. He is not a man who can be easily intimidated anymore.

Both men are wary of each other like the boxer that one once was and the political animal that the other has become and who’s skills he has mastered. To most ears the conversation would not make much sense yet the outcome would have major consequences for the winning or losing of WWIII. In the end both are just guessing. It’s a roll of the dice as to who history is going to label one a military genius and the other one of the greatest fools of all time.

If the dice roll one way the view point of the Boxer will look like he possessed a crystal ball. If the dice roll the other way his name will be lost and his logic will never see the light of day. The same is true for the Weasel. If his number is rolled he will be hailed as the greatest military mind of WWIII. If his number fails to be rolled he will be looked at as the French General Maurice Gamelin of World War Three. A General who used old ideas to fight a new war.

But what are these new realities and who’s vision will turn out to be brilliant and who’s will turn out to have the same effect as General Gamelin’s? If the right choices are made recent developments by Sergo Peshkova and his team will win the war for Stalin. If the wrong choices are made it doesn’t matter how many breakthroughs or new weapons systems are developed.

The Boxer lives in a world of simple rules and logic. You need certain basic necessities to run a modern military. The Weasel lives in a world of politics where ideas matter more than logic. Where the human mind is more important than any physical reality. If you think you are defeated then you are.

Both view points have won wars in the past. And both have also lost wars in the past. Once again a choice has to be made.

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