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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Carrot and Stick

French coast
September 15, 1946
Just a taste of winter to come is felt in the onshore breeze There is no doubt that winter is coming yet there is the possibility of clear skies and temperate temperatures for the months to come. The Soviets have always fought well in bad weather and the mild winters of the English Channel appear to have not entered into their debit column. In fact spending a few months on the French coast is eminently preferable to Moscow and forty below. A curious fact is that Moscow and London are within 5 degrees of latitude from each other. The difference being the warm waters of the American’s Gulf Current keeping England so comparatively mild.

The stated aims of the Soviet Army is to prevent England from being used as an airbase for the bombing of Europe and the Soviet Union. It makes no difference if it is the weather or Soviet fighters that prevent such raids from occurring. If the weather is bad then the bombers can’t take off. If it is good then the Battle for Britain II will take place. Either way there will be no bombing of Western Europe and Western Soviet Union from planes based in England and that is just what the Stavka intends to happen.

By using both the carrot and the stick it is hoped that the English will come to their senses and join the workers of Europe in their rebuilding effort. By making it fully known that if fighters do not rise to defend English air space and bombers do not take off from her shores the Red Army will not attack her soil.

In a startling turn about Stalin has indicated that he will negotiate a prisoner exchange with both the US and England if his demands are met.

1. No future attacks by land, sea or air emanate from Great Britain and her empire.
2. A six months truce be in effect.
3. The British allow the Soviets unrestricted over flights of their territory.
4. The immediate withdrawal of the British troops from Iberia.

A message is sent through diplomatic channels and the wait begins.

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