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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fog of War by Mad Missouri

1st Finnish Front HQ, Vyborg Castle
Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast
September 11th, 1946

An angry General Lopatin paces before a large map. He yells, “Well? What is happening? Have you raised the 13th Guards?

A staff officer responds, “Comrade General we are still unable to contact any of our units more than 10 kilometers inside of Finland.”

Turning the General yells, “How can that be? What are you fools doing? Are you even sure your radios are working? What the hell is happening in there?”

Taking a step back the Major answers, “Comrade General, the radios are working. Major Gleba has checked them himself. It is his opinion that our units in Finland are being jammed.”

The General yells back, “The damn Finns do not have the ability to jam our radios! They are on the ropes! This is nothing more than an equipment problem. Then send runners with new radios you fool!”

A staff Colonel answers, “We sent runners, Comrade General. They took 10 new transmitters with them. But they will not reach the closest unit headquarters for close to 3 more hours.“

Glaring the General demands, “Why did you not send an aircraft to fly them there? Do I have to do all the thinking around here?”

Looking down at the table the Colonel responds, “Comrade General, the liaison aircraft no longer fly into Finland.”

“I will not have cowardice in my command, Comrade Colonel! You get those aircraft flying! You shoot anyone that refuses to fly” the General yells.

Angrily the Colonel waves a paper in the air, “Do you not read our reports Comrade General? Maybe if you spent less time with your whores, you would know, there isn’t anyone left to shoot! All of our Brigade pilots are dead or in the hospital!”

The door opens and in walks the General Papivin, Commander of the 3rd Air Army, followed by two of his aids.

Looking towards the door the General says, “There you are Papivin, we were just talking about you. We need an aircraft to fly to a new transmitter to the 13th Guards HQ.”

General Papivin pauses to look at the map table, “That is not going to happen, Comrade.”

“Don’t be silly, you have the aircraft. Are you becoming a defeatist like these fools, Papivin?” says Lopatin.

Still looking at the map Papivin says, “I have no aircraft to give you, Comrade. Most of them are burning right now”

Shocked Lopatin asks, “What? What are you talking about? “

Looking up, Papivin yells, “I said burning you fat fool! I have no aircraft to spare on your schemes! About 30 minutes ago the damn enemy bombers hit 5 of my airfields! I have over 100 aircraft damaged or destroyed!”

General Papivin points at a mark on the map. Now enraged he asks, “Comrade General, where is the early warning radar set that is shown here on your map? My HQ received no warning of the Finn attack. Why was that, Comrade? I will ask again; where is this radar set? Because I just came from this site and there is no radar set there!”

General Lopatin stares speechless at the outburst then whispers, “Radar? I believe we have a few down for repair. That must be one of them”

General Papivian locks his gaze on Lopatin, “You had better hope so. I have already sent Stavka a cable detailing the reasons for my losses.” He then turns and walks out the door.

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