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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

High and Far

September 15th, 1946
Royal Air Force HQ

‘So how far did they penetrate our air space?”

‘Three flights flew as far as Ireland before turning back.’

‘Did MI 6 have any indication that they had this capability?’

Yes we knew that both the Yak 15 Feather and the Mig 9 Fargo were capable of over flights at 13,000 meters but without knowing their destinations or targets it is virtually impossible for us to intercept them. Conversely we should be able to do the same thing to them. However they have infinitely more territory to hide their secrets in and we have to fly much longer flights in order to reach anything of value. We knew about the Yak 9 DD because they helped escort in Romania and we were aware of their range. The appearance of those Yak 9PD were an unpleasant surprise. We think their flights were attempts to intimidate us with their range and altitude capabilities and quite frankly they are an eye opener old boy. It is now confirmed that they can fly at very high altitude and have the range to escort their bombers throughout the whole of the British Isles. Something we didn’t have to worry about and was greatly to our advantage during the first Battle of Britain.

‘How were they able to skirt our defenses?’

‘The interceptions were based on old presumptions of their capabilities. We thought we knew their maximum range and altitude restrictions. It turns out we were wrong on all counts. They can fly higher and farther than we ever dreamed and that left our interceptors too low and out of position. They definitely got all the pictures they want of everything they wanted. We have to assume that they now know everything they need to launch an all out attack. We did get a few mainly by luck but estimates are that over 5 dozen of their recon flights were successful.

In addition they amply demonstrated to all that the whole of the British isles are vulnerable to attack. I’m sure we won’t publicize today’s events but I have a feeling they will. ’

‘Yes this is food for thought. Not to mention that the shoe is on the other foot as far as intelligence is concerned. Against the Germans we had Ultra. Conversely we are now blind and they have what appears to be one of the largest spy rings we have ever encountered. My God man ordinary citizens are turning on their own government following a pipe dream of a workers paradise that can’t possibly work.’

‘You have to realize old boy that for the most part the late 20s and 30s were hell for the average person. The Great Depression, starvation of thousands, the greed of the wealthy, the almost utter failure of the worlds governments. It’s no wonder that new and untried ideas are popular. America seems to be humming along but our empire is on the verge of being lost and the rest of Europe now is under new management. To the average Englishmen things aren’t looking too rosy an now they are being asked to do it again and to once again sacrifice everything without major changes to society as a whole’

‘But how can you turn on your own people? Your own government that you have just fought for? To me it is beyond comprehension.’

‘I would concur old boy. I’m just trying to give you all the facts. But we wander too far a field. Our task is to see that these over flights do not happen again.’

‘Of course you are right. So the Meteor can reach their altitude but lacks the range to…”

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