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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kouvala Comes into Focus by Mad Missouri

1st Combined Army, HQ
Lahti, Finland
September, 10th 1946

General Heinrichs, the Swedish 4th Infantry Division reports that they have broken through the Russian division facing them.

Outstanding! What Russian unit was that?

Our intelligence believes it was a division of the 17th Cavalry Corps.

That is the Corps holding Kouvala… Is that the same unit that has the missing General?

Yes Sir, just before we started the jamming, the Russian Cavalry Corps HQ sent out a large number of radio messages requesting the status of their Commanding General. It seems he was visiting units at the front in Kouvala earlier this morning.

Let’s see…the 4th Infantry is now 5 kilometers southwest of Kouvala. Gentlemen, I believe we have found a new focus for our attack. I think we have a chance to encircle this Corps and break a wide gap in the Russians lines.
Send orders to the 2 Armored Brigade they are to support the 4th Infantry in its pursuit of the retreating Russians. Send orders to the Finnish 3rd Infantry Division, they are to advance south east to cut off the Russian forces defending Kouvala and meet up with the 8th Infantry. Send orders to the Finnish11th Infantry and Norwegian 6th Infantry Divisions, and 3rd & 5th German Brigades to begin moving behind the Swedish 4th Infantry.

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