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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Politburo Meets

September 17th, 1946

Beria rises to speak.

Gentleman you have all been summoned to give your reports on the situation in our struggle with the Capitalist forces around the world. We need your honest and frank reports on the status of the units under your command. First comrade Stalin would like to hear from the Western Front. Marshal Zhukov you have the floor.

Thank you comrade.

Our ground forces consist of 183 combat divisions with 63 now engaged on the Pyrenees Line. 26 divisions face the Scandinavian forces in Finland. 11 Divisions are on occupation duty in Germany, France, the low countries, and Denmark. 16 divisions waiting in France near the in Italian border to make sure our new Italian friends keep their word and 11 are assisting our allies in the liberation of Greece. 47 are in reserve status waiting to exploit the breakthrough into Spain. Another 26 are on strategic reserve ready to counter any sudden amphibious or airborne attacks and performing police duties in various cities in the Balkans.

Our allies Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Hungry have supplied 12 division for the liberation of Greece, 20 are in reserve on the Italian border and 45 in strategic reserve awaiting any moves by the NATO forces and again on police duties against possible anti-government events.

Marshal Novikov please give us a report of the status of the air war in the West.

Our air assets on the Western Zone consists of 4136 aircraft on the Pyrenees Front. 4574 are being positioned to suppress the British with 1520 in transit from the Transcaucus Front soon to join them and that will bring the total up to … um… 6124 frontline combat aircraft. We are relying on 786 aircraft from our allies to sweep the skies over Greece. So far it is enough.

The Soviet air forces in the West have been able to meet the requirements of the Red Army. We have negated the vaunted US Army Air Force and with the addition of the Special Ground to Air Forces we have been able to intimidate the strategic air forces and can report that there have been no significant attacks on Soviet Cities. As you may recall the US tried to drop their atomic bomb on Leningrad. One of the most heinous weapons ever devised was slated to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. The combination of our brave fighter forces and ground to sky missiles thwarted their plans.

As a bonus we have recovered one of their atomic bombs which failed to detonate. It is being studied by our scientists non-stop. In addition a second major attack was intercepted and heavy losses were dealt to the bomber force sent to carpet bomb Toulouse. As a consequence the enemy has greatly curtailed it’s strategic bombing attacks. In the meantime we are adding 30 more ground to sky missiles per week to our defensive forces.

Our air forces are also receiving 110 new jet planes per month between the Mig 9 and Yak 15 models. Production of most propeller driven fighter aircraft has been suspended to make this possible. We estimate that current stocks of medium bombers will be enough for the duration of the war. We are increasing the production of the Pe9 which is being used for a platform to launch the X4 plane to plane missile that has proven to be very instrumental in breaking up bomber formations allowing our fighters to attack more effectively.

In addition the Czechs can now field 20 ME 262 jets. They have begun building their own version of the ME 262. We have also transferred all spare parts and air frames liberated from Germany for their use. We estimate that the Czechs will have another 30 to 40 flyable planes by Spring.

Our ground to sky missile system is undergoing major upgrades with a new generation of direction system being installed. This system will greatly reduce the need for ground controller once the missiles are within 3 km of the target planes. They are totally self guided after that and have shown remarkable abilities to intercept their targets. Production of the missiles remains low. We currently can produce 75 a month. By reducing the number of armored vehicles and concentrating on missile production we estimate that we can reach a potential rate of 600 a month by years end. As you know I have proposed this very…

Enough Novikov… I have you proposal…

Yes of course comrade Stalin… to continue we have 2140 aircraft in the far east and 510 fighters guarding the oil fields in the Caucuses. Most of our training units are located there as well…

Comrade Beria…

Err..Yes comrade Stalin?

It has come to my attention that we have lost sight of thousands of American B29 bombers and possibly up to 30 divisions. What do your sources have to say as to the location and intentions?

Thank you for mentioning this subject comrade. I was just about to inform the Politburo of this situation. We have information that the Americans are having trouble with their recruiting efforts comrade. We believe that is why both their strategic bombing forces and their armies are not on the battlefield as they have to train new recruits instead of using already trained veterans. As you also know they have had a series of strikes starting in January which was supported by our comrades in the American Communist party and the labor unions. We further have word that fully 90% of their industry had shifted back to frivolous consumer products and the capitalist owners were loath to make the switch back to wartime production for fear of losing their extravagant profits. All of these combined with the disastrous losses they received during the attempted attacks on Leningrad and Toulouse leads us to believe that we will not be seeing any further bombing attacks until Spring. It is estimated that heir army will not be ready for offensive operations until Fall of 1947. All indications are that they will not attempt to launch any large scale counter attack during the Fall so we are confident that the earliest we will see any land forces attempting to regain Western Europe will be the Spring of 1948.

But you do not know this for sure. You have no documents or reports of overheard conversations or eye witness accounts to confirm this…have you Beria?!

No comrade.

What do your Cambridge sources tell you from the British side about the American preparations?

There seems to be a deliberate withholding of information between the Americans and British. We know virtually everything about the British intentions and strategic plans but nothing about the America’s from that source comrade. It would appear that there is a widening of the crack between the Americans and British that we can exploit.

Yes…what is it Novikov? Stop bouncing around in your chair.

Comrade if I may? The upcoming operations against the British should give us a great indication as to where the American’s stand. We out number the British Lion almost 4 to 1 in aircraft and they will surely fall without any assistance from the Americans. If the Americans intervene in our second Battle of Britain then we can assume that the alliance is strong. If none or little American assistance is present once the attacks start in earnest then we can derive that the alliance is on it’s last legs and invasion might be an option.

Interesting idea Novikov. Until we discover exactly what is happening with the Americans I want the 80 divisions in Manchuria to be ready to counter any move. They are to refrain from any offensive action and are to wait and react to events. Increase the rail capacity leading up to the border with Turkey. Have enough rail cars to enable a force of 30 divisions to instantly move West. In the mean time keep those forces on alert for any contingency.

Excellent proposal comrade. At this point there is nothing worth much in the area. Why would we want to invade a bunch of starving Chinese or a destroyed Korea. No there is no point in further conquest in the Far East until the matter is settled in the West.

It was not a proposal Marshal Zhukov.

Of course your Excellency. I apologize.

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