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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tea Time May be Over by Mad Missouri

Scandinavian Defense Union
Intelligence Bulletin # 11
September 17th, 1946

Great Britain:

There continues to be serious social unrest and labor strikes throughout the nation. The government is stable but fiscally bankrupt. So far American aid in the form of lend lease is the only thing keeping a lid on the unrest.

British India is on the edge of open rebellion. The Indian public is still on edge after the Indian Army and Navy mutinies in January/ February, the Indian National Army trials, and the ethnic riots of August.

Low scale 3 way fighting between British troops, Jewish and Arabs militias continue in the British controlled Palestine.

The British are also starting to see unrest on the parts of native populations in their African and Asian colonies.

In the British colony of South Africa the local communists and native parties launched a nationwide general strike that has become an open rebellion in some areas. Our diplomats in South Africa are reporting that the native unrest has now spread to both parts of British Rhodesia, and Kenya.

There are reports that well armed native groups have murdered large numbers of British and Dutch settlers throughout South Africa. This has led to the fall of the ruling South African United Party Government. An intern government has now formed under a Dutch South African named D.F. Malan to put down the upraising.

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