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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Famine Secrets

Park Bench 4371
Gorky Park

So what's on your mind comrade?

Just the possible famine . That's all. What are we going to do? So many mouths to feed and just enough to go around. I think I will lose a few pounds.

Joseph looks into the street without really focusing. He is deep in thought about Georgi's question and is torn between confiding in his old friend and possibly putting his life in jeopardy. It doesn't help that a cold wind gust sweeps down from the North and swirls away. Just yesterday it had been a gorgeous fall day but not today. The weather matched his mood. A trash cart pulled by a sway backed nag and stinking of garbage plodded past them and woke him from his revere.

Comrade I'm going to tell you something to ease your mind. You cannot repeat this to anyone. I will deny it and kill your understand old friend...?

I understand old friend but I am not sure I want to know under those circumstances..."old friend".

I am close to kidding comrade, but you must take my caution seriously. Is that understood?

Da Joseph... it is understood.

Good! There is actually barely enough for for all here in the Motherland. The real secret is that it is going to be used as a weapon. Our new allies in Poland and the Balkans do not have enough food. Stalin has ordered that our food be used as a weapon of repression. Those who go along will be fed. Those who do not will starve. He will make it seem as if we have plenty of food for those willing to be good Communists and there will be less food for those who are neutral and even less food for those who are not so neutral. It will not be blatant but it will make the unwilling very weak and concerned only with survival. Their survival will depend on their sons and how well they fight the Capitalists and their sons will know this. All revolutions occur when there is a large population of starving, unemployed young men. Our young men are fighting for the motherland and do not have time to think about such things.

But comrade where will the extra food come from?

That is the secret part comrade. That is what may get you in trouble if you really want to know. Are you sure you want to know...old friend?


Our own peasants, the old and infirm ed, the useless ones, possibly the very young. We will lose millions to feed our new satellite states. Our newly conquered territories will also be stripped of any excess food and shipped back to us. Stalin has never liked certain regions and certain ethnic groups and this will be his excuse to get rid of them. I can assure you there will be no extra food in France or Germany. They will be on minimal rations and the excuse will be the famine. You cannot argue with a famine even if it is man made if you don't know it.

But what of excess food. Will it not be discovered and riots occur.

That is the real evil part of this plan. There will be no excess food ... just enough for good Communists and the army and their families. Everyone else will just get along while some will get nothing. Mostly the ones in the country who are invisible anyway. They will bare the brunt of the famine. The ones with no voice, the ones who can't fight, the ones that are ignorant of their fate until it is too late and they are too weak to protest, the peasants. They will be told "The shipment will come soon just be good little peasants and die like you always have. "It really sickens me comrade but either we have the majority of us surviving or we all will be in trouble.

Do you think that comrade Stalin would have fought back so hard against the Capitalist pigs if he had known that the drought would be so bad?

Probably not comrade but all our former weather scientists did not predict could they? Yet they have all disappeared and some very nervous new ones have taken their place.

Ah yes if we could only know the past before it becomes the past. That would help immensely.

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