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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Strangers in the Night

The missiles glinted in the sun. Each waiting for it's time to fire into the sky. It was just a few hours until sundown and these missiles were even more deadly and special. They were made for the night. The guidance system had been given night vision. Night vision based on the German FuG 280 Kiel and these missiles could see the heat signature of the British bombers.

The basic missile was the Wasserfal but the night vision was something totally different. Painting ghostly images on a glass plate once the missile was within a four kilometer of its target. The night was no longer safe from predators. The night no longer guaranteed success over a blind foe. The night now would become a killing ground for both sides.

Fired in the general direction of the sound of the bombers the guidance system became active soon after the estimated range was reached and then ghostly images appeared to guide them on an intersecting path. A path that would end in perhaps as many as 2 or more bombers dropping like a flaming torch towards the earth below.

Thanks to the German scientists the Soviets now had a defensive weapon that could counter the RAF night bombers and fighters. All they needed was time to produce the weapons but production was slow. Once they had these night missiles in numbers the RAF would have to alter their assumptions about night bombing. It would become as deadly as daylight bombing.

The era of the untouchable bomber was coming to an end. The ground to sky missile was about to alter the course of history in favor of the Soviets. Another way had to be found. Another way had to be tried. Maybe the old ways were best in time of ever shifting wonder weapons. Maybe it was time to re-read Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. Maybe technology was not the answer.

'How many do we have for tonight’s raid Ivan?'

'An even dozen comrade.'

'Not enough to take the sting out of the expected raid but enough to make the Limeys wonder just what the night holds. Maybe enough to make them think twice before they strike at night.'

'It should strike fear in their hearts. Imagine seeing missiles coming from the ground and streaking unerringly towards your plane or even the plane next to you. Even if it does not hit just the fact that it knows where you are in the pitch darkness will give them nightmares.'

'The testing went well I assume.'

'Well enough for what is intended. Again the British will be met with heavy opposition that will lead them to believe we have overwhelming resources, resources enough to even cover such an obscure target as Cologne. Imagine being their bomber command and thinking this target will be lightly defended only to have missiles that can see in the blackness reaching up and striking their bombers no matter what kind of counter measures they try.

An added bonus as well might be that seeing their jamming attempts are ineffective against our missiles they might abandon some of their more primitive measures to concentrate on more sophisticated methods. Ironically this may allow our currently useless night fighters a chance to do their job. They will be up there as a bluff. Maybe the RAF night fighters will think they have something to contribute to the missiles and they will be wasting their efforts. ' 'Comrade you know as well as I do that the missiles are easily lead astray if you know how they are guided.' 'I'm sure comrade Beria is making sure that secret never sees English eyes. Hopefully by that time we will have more tricks up our sleeve for them to ponder over.' 'We can only hope so comrade.'

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